New Year is a magical time when dreams come true, when incredible miracles happen, when everyone hopes for the best and pins their hopes on the upcoming holiday. During the New Year holidays, reading should also be appropriate — so that after reading the book you want to change your life, become better, do some good deed … And reading should also be such that it is impossible to tear yourself away from the book until the very end, and the story created a festive atmosphere and gave a good mood. Especially for you, we have selected five inspiring stories for teenagers from the ENAS-BOOK publishing house. Books are also suitable for family reading aloud during the New Year and Christmas holidays.

«Little Women»

The story of the March family, in which the father went to war, and the mother and four daughters barely make ends meet. But the difficult financial situation does not prevent the March sisters from remaining loving, kind, reverent, noble, merciful, preserving in themselves those important spiritual qualities that have always been valued and continue to be most valued in a person. Each of the girls has her own path in life, and all of them will pass this path with dignity, as their mother taught, who tried to instill in her daughters the qualities of a real woman.

«Little Princess»

Having lost everything, little Sara Crewe is penniless. Those who yesterday admired her beauty and talent, today almost rejoice in her grief. But the girl has wealth, much more valuable than all the treasures of the world — her kind heart, capable of responding to the grief of another, even when the cat scratches her soul. Fate will surely reward little Sarah for her dedication and kindness.


Can you play for fun? If not, then learn from Pollyanna, who has excelled at this game like no other. The essence of this game is to see the good even in the most seemingly hopeless things. Everything is very simple! Whatever happens, try to find at least a little joy in what happened. An ordinary game becomes a philosophy of life and, believe me, if you follow it, then life can sparkle with new colors.

«Lucky Sixpence»

A mysterious prophecy that can change fate, a story of dressing up, wealth that fell from the sky, travels and battles — this book has everything to keep the reader’s attention from beginning to end. Left an orphan, twelve-year-old Beatrice Travers in a man’s dress goes to America to her rich uncle. The girl does not yet know that her whole life after this journey will change beyond recognition. But no matter what happens, a small coin of six pence will protect her from adversity, becoming a real talisman.

«Pride and Prejudice»

Mr. and Mrs. Bennet have five daughters in the family, and each of them has a difficult character. Raising five daughters is not easy, and successfully marrying them off is even more difficult. It remains to be hoped that the girls will be prudent and choose worthy life partners. A real encyclopedia of life opens before young readers. How to build relationships, how to behave in order to please your chosen one, how to find that one and only love that transforms the world? The most important thing is to listen to your heart and trust it! Then neither pride nor prejudice will interfere with happiness.


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