A selection of children’s books with augmented reality from the DEVAR publishing house for young readers. The magic and wisdom of old fairy tales are combined here with the drive and interactivity of modern heroes. Meet!

«BIG book of fairy tales DEVAR» (3+)

The BIG DEVAR Book of Fairy Tales is more than 200 pages of colorful illustrations on coated paper, hardcover and the joy of meeting 60 favorite characters «come to life» in augmented reality.

In the deluxe edition we have collected 12 fairy tales: «Teremok», «Three Bears», «Puss in Boots», «Three Little Pigs», «Little Red Riding Hood», «The Ugly Duckling», «The Snow Queen», «The Bremen Town Musicians», «Cinderella ”, “Moroz Ivanovich”, “The Wolf and the Seven Kids” and “The Brave Tailor”.

Using the free DEVAR app, you can listen to audio fairy tales, see the stories played out by the characters, and even … visit performances. After all, some of the heroes will be united by the girl Alice, who, together with her family, organized a home theater. Cardboard decorations, improvised materials and a cat on the sidelines 🙂 And the main viewer is you!

How to get the most out of your book:

— Find the verses or remarks of the characters highlighted in color and read them by roles to make it more interesting;

— Choose a favorite fairy tale with your child and try to arrange your own performance. Come up with a curtain and scenery, draw the characters and their costumes, glue long cardboard strips on top of the resulting characters and control them like a director. Or maybe you yourself turn into actors? Fool around, have fun and have fun!

«Big book of fairy tales-coloring» (3+)

This book will allow you to create your own unique story based on your favorite stories: «Teremok», «Three Bears», «The Wolf and the Seven Kids». The child will be able to color in black and white illustrations, and then “revive” the characters using augmented reality. Right in the colors I painted! A green bear and purple kids — and why not, if fantasy dictates so?

33 creative tasks for the development of imagination, logic, attention and memory are woven into the plot. You can listen to all fairy tales and see their animated fragments.

How to make the book even more useful:

— There are many details hidden in the illustrations — pay attention to them. Ask to find certain objects, develop the child’s speech with the help of new words, for example: “not a house”, but “ancient hut”, not “hill”, but “high hill”;

— If your child already knows the letters, you can use this book for the first reading — there are small text fragments on the pages;

— Try coloring one spread with your child (the large book format allows this): you are on the left page, he is on the right, discuss in the process which colors you choose and why. This will help you have a good time, improve communication and give you the skill of teamwork.

Books and sets from the My Little Pony series (3+)

Books and kits for pony fans will give your child the magic of interacting with their favorite characters.

One of the popular sets that readers choose is My Little Pony. Hits from DEVAR – play, read, draw!”

In the book «All the Mysteries of Ponyville» readers are waiting for 6 animated coloring pages, 20 interactive games and more than 50 tasks that develop mindfulness, reaction speed, imagination. Labyrinths, comparisons, logical series and much more. And all this in the company of cute ponies who really want to make friends.

Storm’s Transformation tells the story of Storm’s childhood — how she lost her horn and why friendship changed her life.

In the Rainbow Dash Sports Games book, your child will get acquainted with different sports and visit the training of the pony team. Activities for all tastes: take advantage of sports tips, bring coloring pages to life, assemble and fly your own kite into the sky, make rainbow jelly according to the signature recipe of the champions and get the coveted cup!

The other set consists of two books: All the Colors of Ponyville and The ABCs of My Little Pony.

«All the Colors of Ponyville» is a large coloring book with augmented reality: ponies come to life, move and play on the screen of a tablet or smartphone in exactly the colors in which the child painted them. And they do it right in your home! Take a photo of the child with them and surprise others.

With ABC My Little Pony, learning letters becomes easier and more fun. 33 heroes, 3 educational games and a personalized diploma for the efforts from Princess Celestia herself — we made sure that learning brings joy to the child!

Follow our selections: in the following articles we will talk about books for preschoolers and for schoolchildren. See you!


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