Parents often wonder what book to advise their children to read in their free time from school. I want it to be interesting, funny, informative, instructive, and at the same time its plot should be unfamiliar to children in order to stir up interest in the text, and among the authors I want to see classics of children’s literature, masters of the artistic word. And, of course, so that the stories captivate from the first page and keep you in suspense until the end!

We recommend paying attention to the books of the «Children» series from the publishing house «ENAS-BOOK»: the works included in this series will definitely appeal to readers from seven years of age and older. Here you can find everything that children love so much: amazing adventures, fairy tales, stories about peers and stories about the school. Read with pleasure and tell your friends!

Geomar Kulikov: How I influenced Sevka

This story confirms the folk wisdom: «Whoever you lead, you will gain from that.» Kostya Gorokhov didn’t even think about any hockey, he didn’t even go out into the street once again! But when he was instructed to take patronage over the desperate hooligan and loser Sevka Mymrikov, Kostya decided that they should be connected with Sevka by a common cause, and became interested in hockey, a game that Sevka spends all his free time on. As a result, Kostya not only succeeded in this game, but also became the captain of the yard hockey team, which the real coach soon became interested in.

Nadezhda Nadezhdina: Seven boys

A collection of kind and touching stories about such different boys. Each of them finds himself in a difficult situation that needs to be overcome, and, believe me, our heroes will pass all the tests with honor. Little Vitalik Kashtanov will go to school, although he has not yet grown up to study. Ketka, protecting her beloved tree, enters into an unequal battle with officials. On the night of September 1, Igorek encounters real hooligans. Olezhka understands that «you are responsible for those whom you have tamed.» And the rest of the boys from the stories of Nadezhdina also perform daily feats, entering into an unequal battle with injustice and discovering important life truths for themselves.

Hans Fallada: Thomas and his dad

A collection of lyrical, sincere and very funny stories about the boy Thomas and his dad, who is trying his best to be the smartest and kindest dad in the world, but, of course, he doesn’t always succeed. Sometimes he goes too far in raising Thomas and finds himself in ridiculous and funny situations. Sometimes Thomas and dad switch places, and then it is not clear which of them is raising whom! And how good it is that this family has a wise and reliable mother who will give everyone a kind word and a gentle smile.

Vladislav Krapivin: Pilot for special assignments

Sometimes a fairy tale can be waiting for us around the corner: just go in search of a boat, which can be a wonderful gift for your beloved girl. Everything is possible in a fairy tale. And it is here that you can make friends with the Pilot for Special Assignments named Antoshka, who flies on a dragonfly plane to where he is expected, believes in miracles, and considers friendship the main miracle in the world. With his help, the main character Alyoshka goes to Vetrogorsk to meet with the Museum Keeper, where he must find the missing boat…

Vladislav Krapivin: White puppy is looking for an owner

A little boy nicknamed Ugolyok (well, what will they call you if your last name is Ugolkov?!) dreams of a dog. And not about a dog in general, but about a white puppy, the image of which he once saw on the fence. But Ugolyok cannot even imagine that somewhere out there Snowball dreams of such a master as he, and every day, every hour they are getting closer to each other, and their meeting will definitely take place. A story about friendship, devotion and responsibility of friends for each other.

Yuri Magalif: Success is grass

Katya Karamelkina is very curious, not a single incident can do without her. Here is Kikimora Kiki, who was hidden in the assembly hall by the teacher Berta Molbertovna, Katya found the fastest. This is where incredible adventures begin: Katya becomes the owner of three magical blades of grass — yellow, red and green. Two — for pampering, and the third — forever! Now it’s up to Katya how to use the magic power…

Yuri Magalif: Tiptik, or the Adventures of a Boy, a Gorgeous Grandmother and a Talking Raven

Timofey Ptakhin, or simply Tiptik, finds himself in a fairy tale with his incredible grandmother. But the heroes of this tale cannot feel happy, because they are forbidden to play, run, have fun. Tiptik and Grandmother will teach the villain and scoundrel Uncle Trap a lesson and help the inhabitants build a new city that can be painted as you wish and in which everyone will live happily ever after.


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