Kids adore New Year because it is a special time when miracles happen. In order to give your child a New Year’s mood long before the holiday itself, read books about the New Year, Santa Claus and winter with him. And who knows, maybe you will believe in magic again!

Christmas Tree by Margaret Wise Brown

If you believe in miracles, then they certainly happen, as, for example, in the book «Christmas Tree». The main characters are a boy who cannot walk due to a serious illness, and a lonely Christmas tree in the forest. As it happens in a fairy tale, they met at Christmas, and the boy’s dad helped this meeting. Every year he brought a Christmas tree to the house in order to please his son, until one day a real miracle happened. This touching story will not leave any child indifferent, and for parents it will be an opportunity to believe in Christmas magic!

«Where does Santa Claus live?» by Dedier Thierry

One day, the children made a snowman, an ordinary one with a nose made of carrots and eyes made of buttons, and they called him Buttons. Around his neck was a knitted red scarf, and on his head was a large hat with a brim. And then the snowman heard that Santa Claus gives gifts to all children on New Year’s Eve. And I thought: does no one give gifts to Santa Claus himself? And so he came up with a gift and went with him to Santa Claus to please the main wizard.

«Where Does the Snowman Live?» by Dedier Thierry

For those who liked the previous book, this one will be a wonderful continuation. We again meet with the snowman Button, who made friends with the forest dwellers, but did not even think that in the spring they would have to part. The sun warmed up and the snowman melted. How so? Where did he disappear to? Has he disappeared forever? Friends go on a long journey to find Button and find out where he lives until winter.

«Father Heat and New Year in the Jungle», Natalia Pesochinskaya

The whole world in winter is always waiting for New Year’s miracles and gifts. But here’s the problem — how to celebrate the New Year in the jungle, because Christmas trees do not grow there, snow does not creak underfoot and it is always very, very hot. And now the animals — the inhabitants of the jungle — wrote a letter to Santa Claus. But how can he go to the jungle? Father Heat will come to the rescue!

Lenochka. Christmas story, Sofia Makarova

«Helen» is an adaptation of the story «Lenchen Braun» (1883) by the famous German writer Emmy von Roden. In the center of the story is a little girl Lena, whose family is in need, and on Christmas Eve there is no money even for food. To earn coins for sweets, the heroine decided to bring a Christmas tree from the market for a rich neighbor. In the book, Lenochka is waiting not only for difficult trials, but also for unexpected meetings that can change the life of her family.

«Luther the Fox and a Snowy Christmas» by Julia Rawlinson

The fox cub Luther on Christmas Eve was worried, but what if Santa Claus cannot find a new house for the bunnies and does not bring them gifts? Then he came up with an original way to show him the way. But will it work? This kind book will tell kids about New Year’s miracles and create an amazing magical mood.

«The Last Sheep», Hub Ulrich

The main characters of this book are a sheep with plaster, a sheep with a side parting, a sheep with a dental plate and their friends one day find out that a baby was born nearby in the village, who must save everyone. And so, without waiting for the shepherds to return, the sheep set off. However, where to go, why and why — they do not understand. And they don’t know how to count each other so that no one gets lost along the way. The story is full of humor and touches on the theme of belief in miracles.

«Bears and New Year», Katerina Gorelik

On New Year’s Eve, relatives came to visit the Bears: a panda from China, a Himalayan bear from Tibet and a stern Russian bear. After all, only here, in the North, you can taste all the joys of winter holidays: ride a reindeer, plunge into an ice hole, compete in speed with an avalanche, and then with a snowman. Unforgettable adventures await in the book of heroes, and the story will give children a good mood and help them feel how wonderful the winter season is.

The Winter Book, Rotraut Susanne Berner

The first books from Susanne Berner’s Rotraut picture book collection appeared in Russia less than a year ago and immediately became real bestsellers in the children’s section of bookstores. Following the first edition of the Winter and Autumn books came the Spring and Summer. These books are used by parents and teachers, speech therapists and teachers of foreign languages. But these bright, incredibly entertaining books can also be viewed with pleasure just like that, because there are so many characters, small stories, events and discoveries. To help adults and children, the back of each book introduces the main characters and their storylines that can be traced throughout the book.

“The adventures of a puppy on Red Square. Useful Tales”, Kristina Kretova, Anastasia Mamoshina

Today, animals are becoming the main characters not only of scientific books, but also of exciting detective stories, romantic stories and even adventure stories. The inquisitive characters from these stories never sit idle: they are open to new experience and new knowledge, and therefore easily get involved in any adventure. So, the brave puppy Stepan is trying to get a job guarding St. Basil’s Cathedral or GUM in the capital. Before you is a series that will not only give the most detailed idea of ​​the animal world, the seasons or popular attractions, but will also give you several hours of unforgettable impressions and emotions!

The Great Book of Unicorns by Wallace Macmillan

An illustrated encyclopedia about unicorns will be a great gift for the New Year. «The Great Book of Unicorns» features an abundance of interesting and colorful illustrations and a fascinating story about where and how the image of the unicorn was used. The book will convince readers that since ancient times, on all continents of the Earth, fantastic creatures, mythozoans, lived next to ordinary animals. Many magicians and wizards even tamed them and bred new species. Common people and evil sorcerers hunted these creatures for magical artifacts. In addition, readers will also learn about what is happening with unicorns now.


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