Be sure to keep it.)

Pectoral cross on a string or chain (according to tradition, the godfather acquires). If the cross is purchased in a jewelry store, then it must be consecrated in advance.

Baptismal gown or dress worn after the font. The cut should be free enough and give access for the priest to chrismate.

Kryzhma — a white cloth (diaper, towel) for taking from the font. Headdress. Its presence is not necessary for both girls and boys, but parents themselves prefer to wear caps for newborn children, some prefer scarves, but it is more convenient to choose a shirt with a hood.

Icon by name. If you could not find the image of the heavenly patron, then you can purchase the icon of the Virgin or revered saints.

Church candles for the Sacrament.

A bag for the first cut curl, its need depends on the church and can be clarified in advance.

Other important details: Birth certificate of the child, Passports of parents, Bottle of water, pacifier and diaper.⠀


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