As part of planning a business trip, it is necessary to take into account all the nuances, since personal comfort and convenience depend on this.

Required list of items

The documents

Regardless of the duration of the trip, identification documents must be with you. Passport, tickets, rights and documents confirming the reservation of a hotel room must be taken with you. Working documents can be placed in a suitcase; a secret compartment is well suited for this, access to which only the owner will have.


You need to have an amount of money with you, sufficient in case of an unforeseen situation. The rest of the money must be placed on a bank card, which will minimize the likelihood of their theft. It is also not recommended to take jewelry with you, it can attract the attention of thieves.

If we are talking about a trip around Russia, then you can take a card from a large bank with you, which will allow you to quickly find an ATM. If the trip involves a visit to another country, then you need to first find out where you can withdraw money and on what conditions.


A laptop, camera, storage media should be packed in a suitcase, because without them the solution of business issues can become problematic. Also, one should not forget about charging for a mobile device; you can extend its operation time using an external battery.


It is recommended to take a standard set of things with you. As part of the choice of clothing, you need to focus on the following rules: clothing must retain its shape, correspond to weather conditions, and be combined with each other.

If the duration of the trip exceeds a month, then it is better to pack a business suit in a suitcase. For a comfortable stay at the hotel, you need to bring home clothes, change of underwear.

Hygiene items

Toothbrush, comb, deodorant, perfume, wipes, cosmetics and creams must be taken with you without fail. The specific list of items depends on the chosen hotel, many hotels provide hygiene products.

first aid kit

The set of medicines that you need to take with you when going on a trip includes paracetamol, aspirin, antiviral drugs, medicines for sore throats. In the summer, you need to take sunscreen. Also, the first-aid kit should contain disinfectants and painkillers, and medicines for stomach problems that may arise along the way.

magnesium oil

Another must-have ingredient for any business trip to carry is magnesium oil. This tool helps to stabilize the emotional state, normalize the functioning of the nervous system, optimize the flow of excitation processes in the brain.

We must not forget that the trip is stressful for the body and nervous system, so magnesium oil helps to quickly adapt to new conditions.

The properties of magnesium determine its usefulness as a natural anti-stress agent, due to which excitation processes in the central nervous system slow down, another beneficial effect is a decrease in the body’s sensitivity to external influences.

An increased need for magnesium occurs if a person performs hard physical work, actively trains, experiences emotional stress, stays in the sauna for a long period of time, has trouble sleeping, travels a long distance by plane or changes climatic zones.

Magnesium deficiency in the body is a problem that needs to be solved, and magnesium oil comes to the rescue. If it is not taken on a trip, then a person may experience anxiety, nervousness, sleep problems, fatigue, lack of ability to concentrate, and memory loss. Headaches may also appear.

Magnesium normalizes the functioning of the nervous system, helps maintain a stable emotional state, eliminates the likelihood of depression and neurosis. Taking magnesium oil on a trip gives you the opportunity to avoid stress and enjoy the trip.


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