We present a review of a compact set of dishes for cooking on an open fire from our Rest&Camp brand. The author is our customer who tested the dishes in the field.

“The first thing that struck me was the size and weight of the set of dishes. Everything fits in a box measuring 18X18X10cm and weighs a little less than 400 g. For a hike, it is very important that the dishes are compact and light.

What is included in the camping set

The set contains 10 items:

1. mesh packing bag;

2. frying pan 15.5X3.5 cm (length of the handles in the unfolded state — 10 cm);

3. ladle 14.5×7 cm (volume 1.1 l, length of the handles in the unfolded state — 10 cm);

4. cover with a diameter of 18.5 cm;

5. bowl — 2 pcs, 11X4 cm;

6. wooden stirrer 13X5 cm;

7. folding ladle;

8. washcloth for washing;

9. 7-in-1 multipurpose spoon/fork.

The utensils are made of anodized aluminum, from which carbon deposits from the fire are easily cleaned. The ladle and a frying pan are supplied with the convenient, developing, steel handles like «butterfly». The handles are finished with plastic overlays to protect hands from contact with hot metal — it is important to avoid contact of plastic with open fire.

The handle on the bucket lid is flat to take up minimal space; it is also made of plastic.

Two plastic bowls, a collapsible ladle, a sponge and a spatula can be folded into a bucket for storage and carrying. The entire set can be stored in a mesh packing bag with ties.

The fork-spoon multitool is made of steel and plastic. It is simultaneously a knife, an opener, a toothed part for cleaning fish and a plastic whistle pen. A good thing; I have not seen this in other sets.

Important: the blade of the multitool knife is hidden by a plastic sheath (aka whistle), and it is very sharp. Open carefully, hold your fingers only on the plastic!

The description says that the set is designed for one or two people; I’m not sure about two, but for one dish it’s definitely enough.

A compact set of dishes can be taken with you on a trip, business trip, fishing or picnic.

Camping cookware set — user experience

I went fishing on Vuoksa — a system of lakes in the Leningrad region. I was wondering if food would burn on a camping pan.

Fears were not justified! Everything was well prepared. I used my homemade stove, but you can also cook directly on an open fire.

Of course, on the one hand, it’s good that the pan and ladle are equipped with plastic handles — you won’t get burned, but you need to make sure that the handles themselves don’t melt from the flames of the fire.

The size of the ladle and pan is enough for one person. You can cook porridge or boil water for tea or coffee for two.

The plastic bowls in the set are a bit small, so I didn’t use them as plates. But it turned out to be convenient to use them as spoons: they do not heat up from hot food.

The universal tool «spoon-fork» was very useful. You can cut bread and sausage, and in general a knife is never superfluous on a hike.

I even needed a whistle! I don’t know how to whistle, but here I had to call out to a friend in the boat, so the whistle came in handy. In fact, it is used to scare away animals. No matter where you end up.

Surprisingly, the mesh pouch from the kit came in handy too!

What is the result

Among the shortcomings of the kit, I can name only plastic handles that can burn, and a not very comfortable flat handle on the lid, which cannot be grasped with gloves.

Not enough for a set and what to cook on — stoves or burners. But the Rest & Camp brand already has a burner kit, I hope it will be on sale soon on Wildberries.

The set has many benefits. The main thing is the size and weight. The coating is really non-stick, easy to clean. The composition of the set is supplemented with a universal spoon. The right washcloth will not damage the finish, nor will a wooden spatula.

I was very pleased with the purchase. The price of the set is well justified.

Important: this is an individual set, not for a family and not for a company. And that’s a plus too.

Not always, for various reasons, you can eat from a common boiler. I have a friend who is a vegetarian. They do not always go on a hike with a group, I often go fishing alone — the lake is nearby. Yes, and on winter fishing it is good to eat hot.

With such a set, you can always cook hot food, tea and coffee, cook porridge, heat up canned food, fry fried eggs right in the forest.

And the main advantage will be the excellent mood of your friends gathered at the table!


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