Getting your child to summer camp is not an easy task, especially for the first time. What do you really need and what can you do without? To simplify your task, we have compiled a universal list of things for a children’s camp — and the child is dressed for any occasion and the suitcase is not full.

Clothes and shoes:

1. T-shirts — 5-7 pcs.

Throw in a few basic breathable tees that go with everything and a few stylish printed tees for a bold look.

2. Shorts — 3 pieces. For girls, there are also skirts and dresses, 2-3 pieces each. everyone.

Choose practical shorts made of quality jersey and soft elasticated waistband. And for girls, a hoodie dress will be an excellent option for any weather and event.

3. Tracksuit or just sweatpants — 1 PC.

A well-chosen tracksuit is the basis of a summer children’s wardrobe: it can be worn for sportsland, for hiking and for evening gatherings around the fire. A sweatshirt and velor joggers will be an excellent sports kit for a summer camp.

4. Jeans — 1-2 pcs.

5. Jumper — 1-2 pcs.

Here we advise you to choose sweatshirts and sweatshirts with long sleeves — they are comfortable, suitable for cool evenings and go well with trousers, shorts and any jeans.

6. Windbreaker — 1 pc.

7. Underwear (panties and socks) — 1 pc. for every rest day.

If the child already knows how to wash by hand, then 5-6 pieces will be enough.

8. Light pajamas — 1 pc.

Can be worn with both short and long sleeves. The main thing is that the child should sleep comfortably, choose pajamas made of 100% cotton, they do not hinder movement and are pleasant to the body.

9. Things for swimming (swimming trunks for a boy, a swimsuit for a girl) — 2 pcs.

It is better to take two pieces, because in case of loss of a single copy, the child may be left without bathing.

10. Headwear (cap, panama or bandana) — 2 pcs.

11. Elegant clothes — 3 pcs.

For discos, parties or performances, modern boys choose a bright hoodie, and for girls, a T-shirt dress will be an excellent option.

12. Shoes

  • sandals, sandals — 1 pair.
  • sneakers or sneakers — 1 pair.
  • slippers — 1 pair.
  • flip-flops (for the beach and shower) — 1 pair.

Personal hygiene:

  1. Shampoo, washcloth and soap + shower gel + bath towel.
  2. Toothbrush + paste.
  3. Comb.
  4. For teenagers — shaving accessories. For teenage girls — intimate hygiene items (pads, etc.). They are worth taking, even just in case.
  5. Wet wipes and toilet paper — 2 packs each.
  6. Masks and hand sanitizers.

The documents:

  1. Health information.
  2. Voucher.
  3. Copy of birth certificate.

Additionally (if necessary and if the child knows how to handle it):

  1. Mobile phone (preferably with tracking function) + charger.
  2. Sunglasses.
  3. Mosquito and tick repellant.
  4. Sunscreen.
  5. Necessary medicines — in any case, it is better to give the medical worker.
  6. A strong bag or backpack for bathing accessories + several empty bags for dirty things.
  7. Notebook + pen + pencils.

And two important collection tips

1. Write a list of things together

Show the list to your child and put it in your bag: it will be much easier to pack on the way back. On the luggage itself, attach a bright name tag so as not to get lost in a pile of other children’s suitcases.

2. Consider the child’s opinion

Let the children take whatever clothes they like to camp. Then you won’t need persuasion to change a dirty T-shirt after active games or put on a long-sleeved bike when it gets cold. An excellent solution is clothes with the characters of your favorite cartoons. Bright prints with favorite characters for a good mood of children, comfortable design and natural fabric for peace of mind of parents. It is convenient and gives positive emotions to the whole family.

Good luck and let your child bring good mood and health from the camp!

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