This year like never again popular road trips. No wonder, because this is the most flexible vacation format that will suit both a couple of friends and a large family with children. You are completely free to choose the route, time spent on the road, and, of course, you decide what to take with you. What’s in should you think first? Of course, about food and drinks! Bags of sandwiches and bottles of tea are a thing of the past. Now we will tell you how to make a snack on the road truly comfortable.

Classic thermoses with a narrow neck

AT how to carry cold compote or hot tea? In a thermos! Such a friend will become an indispensable and reliable companion in all travels. For a long trip and a large company worth considering thermoses with a narrow throat volume 1-2 liters. They will keep the temperature for a long time. Also note the cover.. Better take options where 2 cup lids are supposed. Just imagine how nice many hours on the road drink coldth refreshinguy chath with berries and mint, which you prepared in advance. And tohow happy your fellow travelers will be. Or you can pour your signature coffee, which will invigorate and energize everyone.

Thermo mugs

For short distances optimal thermo mugs and thermal bottles. In most cases, they are suitable for any cup holders. They are easy to open with one hand. Small and light — they are pleasant to hold in your hands, and as a bonus — hot tea or coffee for a long time, or maybe your favorite juice with ice, which will slowly melt even in the heat.

Cooler bags and thermal bags

If the trip is planned to be really long, then you should think about food. seriously. Now the most various cooler bags. As a rule, they are compact, light, do not take up much space.. When using cold accumulators or simply ice such thermal bags become a real helperami. They will help you easily keep vegetables, fruits, meat and cheese cuts, dairy products fresh up to 48 hours (depending on the volume and parameters of the thermal bags). This is a full-fledged travel refrigerator, which will come in handy both on a hike and on the beach.

Lunch bags

And if the trip is literally a couple of hours, and your lunch is on schedule, then you should consider lunch bags. They also have a thermal layer, the kit, as a rule, includes containers and cutlery. Think ahead and prepare your favorite salad and seasonal berries and fruits. The trip will definitely be more enjoyable.

Thermoses for food

In any case, you won’t be full of sandwiches for a long time, but you can easily pick up options for hot meals. For those who have small (and not so) children, they know exactly how important hot soup and warm porridge are in the diet. To your attention thermoses for food with a wide mouth. They are convenient because you can eat directly from a thermos, keep warm for a long time, are suitable for both first and second courses, they are easy to wash. In addition, stainless steel thermoses are safe for children and baby food.

It is known that a well-fed person is a satisfied person. With such a set, your entire company will definitely not be sad on the road and will be fully involved in the road and travel. We wish you the brightest and most memorable adventures!


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