Every time before a trip, we think about what to take with us and not to forget important things. To make the trip enjoyable, make an optimal list of things for the trip, we recommend that you make it in advance. Take a sheet of paper and write down everything you plan to bring, what you will wear and how you will look, what you will wear and what you might need.

Choosing insurance, developing a route, booking accommodation, studying information about the country (prices, food, transport). So you won’t forget anything checked!

Such a list can be taken as a basis and used for different trips, adjusting the season and the theme of your travels.

If you are coming in summer 2022 on the sea or in the mountains, do not forget:

➰ Documents

➰ First aid kit

➰ Appliances, gadgets, chargers, power supply

➰ Hygiene products

➰ Clothes and shoes

And for special occasions and photos, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our selection of beautiful, comfortable and stylish things for all travel occasions!


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