Are you going on a trip and do not know what to do with your child on the road? Simple games that will help you survive the road fun and without whims.


Negative emotions associated with waiting (for example, at the airport) are most easily overcome with the help of an outdoor game. What mobile games can you play on the road?

  • Stand still on one leg;
  • Jump on each leg 1, 2, 3, etc. once;
  • Go around the queue on your heels as quickly as possible;
  • Freeze until the next voice announcement and jump while it is playing;
  • Raise your legs while sitting on a chair. Who can lift their legs more times?


Take your magic bag with you. (This can be a regular bag.) It will come in handy if the baby will have a hard time coping with waiting, and there will be no suitable place for outdoor games. What to put in such a suitcase?

  • Crackers or gummies in the form of letters. Let the baby have a snack and repeat the alphabet. A small coloring book and 5-7 colored pencils.
  • Puzzles from large parts (small ones will quickly be lost).
  • A simple board game to play. For example, cards for the brain “Umnitsa®. Thinkers.»
  • Several new baby books. Plots and illustrations, not yet familiar to the child, will captivate him for a long time. By the way, you can take books from the Clever®. Book workout. They are thin, light and very funny.
  • Cards with tasks for logic, memory, mindfulness. Umnitsa has whole ready-made sets of the same cards for different ages — Umnitsa®. 100 games.

Assemble the suitcase without the participation of the child to increase the wow effect. The kid will look at the contents of the package for a long time, and this will help him have fun on the road.


If on the road there is no way to lay out books and coloring books in front of you, you can play without additional materials:

  • Find around you all the green objects;
  • Count all the people wearing caps or sunglasses;
  • Find a person in something red;
  • Find the smallest and largest aircraft at the airport;
  • Guess what color the next passing car will be;
  • Count how many cars you met in 15 minutes;
  • Count all the carriages of the train. In general, you can meet a lot of vehicles on the road. Therefore, take the “Transport” theme from the “Clever Girl®” set with you on your trip. Peace in the palm of your hand. Raccoon»: cards and playing field.

And how many objects from the field will you meet during your trip?


Listening to music can be a great way to pass the time while driving.

  • Turn on the songs from the line «Umnitsa®» for your child. Music». Songs can be easily found by QR code. You can just listen to them or complete tasks from the cards. Some audio recordings already contain tasks: by following them, you can count how many times the cuckoo cuckooed, repeat words after the echo, clap your hands while catching flies, and much more.
  • With older children, you can play other musical games: Guess the melody. Someone sings the motive of the song, the rest guess.
  • Grunt a melody. Remember songs from your favorite cartoons and try grunting, meowing, barking, etc.
  • Do-re-mi. Sing seven notes in forward and reverse order, and also repeating each note several times: do-do-re-re-mi-mi, etc., do-do-do, si-si -si, salt-salt-salt, la-la-la, etc.
  • A message to an African tribe. Tap the rhythm (on a rattle or by clapping your hands). The task of the child is to repeat.

And here are the top 5 sets of «Clever Girl» that are convenient to take on the road:


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