The first visit to the clinic with a baby often raises a lot of questions from young parents. When is the best time to visit a pediatrician, what to bring with you, what to tell and ask about your child. And in order not to miss anything, the Just Right team has prepared an article for you with answers to all these questions.

What to do before visiting the clinic

  • At the stage of discharge from the hospital, a young mother must leave information about where she will live with her baby. These data are then transferred by the maternity hospital to the children’s clinic, which is assigned to the child. In the first month, a visiting nurse and a pediatrician will come to your home. As soon as a month has passed, you need to come to the pediatrician with the baby for an examination.

  • Ask the nurse when it’s a baby day at the clinic. On this day, the pediatrician receives exceptionally healthy children from a month to a year.

  • If your baby is breastfeeding, ask in advance where the baby feeding room is located. This will help you not to run around the clinic in search of a quiet place with a sobbing baby in your arms.

What clothes to choose for going to the clinic?

Choose the most comfortable clothes and shoes. Nursing mothers should provide convenient access to the breast. For a baby, it is better to choose clothes that easy to take off and put on quickly. The ideal option is a slip, jumpsuit or bodysuit with fasteners. Try to avoid layering in clothing. It is better to wear one sweater warmer than two thinner ones.

What do you need to take to the appointment?

  • Several disposable absorbent pads. At the pediatrician, the baby will have to be repeatedly shifted (from the changing table to the height meter, scales and back). Yes, and small children often pee when they are undressed.

  • Bring a change of clothes and clean diapers for your baby.

  • Wet wipes.

  • Kids toys. This will help distract the baby.

  • Spare pacifier.

Do not forget about the documents: birth certificate of the child, medical policy, mother’s passport, birth certificate, baby’s medical card.

It is best to have a separate folder in which all important documents will be stored. So you definitely won’t forget anything and don’t leave it at home.

  • Notebook with interesting questions. Also carry a pen with you to write down the answers to your questions and the doctor’s recommendations.

  • Formula bottle, snack and water for mom.9. Calmness and good mood. This is the most important thing that you should not forget before going to the clinic. Be discreet and organized. Your attitude will definitely be transferred to your baby!

The author of the material is Leon, the face of the brand «Just right» Super soft and breathable baby clothes.

It takes into account the physiological characteristics of the child and perfectly adapts to his daily life.


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