Discharge of a newborn in the summer is a headache for newly minted moms and dads. How to dress up a baby so that on the one hand it does not overheat, and on the other hand it does not freeze a tiny child? The answer was found by the Russian factory for the production of children’s clothing «Aurora»!

The ideal discharge outfit for the main hero of the occasion is cozy and — attention! — insulated cotton overalls!

Newborns do not have thermoregulation of the body, so even in the warm season you should not be too frivolous in choosing clothes. When mom is comfortable in a light summer dress, the baby will need at least 1 or even 2 additional layers of clothing.

Of course, you can wrap your child in a blanket and check out “with a bag” in the style of the nineties and zero, but modern mothers prefer elegant and at the same time practical overalls. Like, for example, incredibly soft cotton overalls with a little insulation from the company «Aurora»!

What you should pay attention to when choosing a jumpsuit for a summer discharge from the hospital

  • The quality of the fabrics. Materials that adhere to the child’s body must be of the highest quality. Aurora overalls are made of 100% cotton: both delicate velor on top and soft lining.
  • Hypoallergenic insulation. Here, on the contrary, it is worth giving preference to synthetics. On natural heaters (down, feather), babies can give an unwanted allergic reaction. Neither you, nor even more so the baby, is useless! In overalls from «Aurora» the modern technological heater ecofiber of 60 g/sq.m is used.
  • Hood functionality. It should not be too small (you don’t know what the baby’s head will be), nor too voluminous (this one will subside and bring too impressionable grandmothers to heart attacks — how is it, the head will freeze!). In the overalls from «Aurora» this problem is solved very elegantly: the hoods are framed with a soft elastic band along the outer edge, due to which they will sit well on the baby.
  • Convenient clasp. Believe me, endless buttons or, even worse, buttons will be enough for you on the clothes of the first layer. It is better to choose overalls with zippers — they fasten quickly, so that the dressing process does not take much time. In overalls from Aurora, an oblique zipper was invented from the neck to the leg. And on top there is definitely a chin protection — you won’t be able to pinch the delicate skin, don’t worry.
  • Suitable size. Babies are usually born 45-55 cm tall. Keep this in mind: buying a size 74 or even 80 jumpsuit «for growth» may not be the best idea — you will lose your baby in it! The dimensional grid of overalls from Aurora, which starts from size 56, is suitable even for premature babies. And if you want the overalls to last for several months (these overalls are the perfect underwear for autumn and winter walks!), Then choose larger sizes — 62 or 68. Babies grow quickly, and very soon these sizes will also fit.
  • Colors. Some people want the baby’s outfit to be in harmony with the outfit of mom and / or dad. Four cute color options from Aurora — soft pink, milky, blue and pink floral print — will help you choose what is right for your child. They are both elegant and practical: perfect for daily use on walks.

Checklist for the perfect summer discharge from the hospital:

  • smart and comfortable clothes and shoes for mom,
  • a thin cotton suit or bodysuit for a baby,
  • insulated overalls (for example, from Aurora),
  • happy smiles of welcoming relatives.

Hooray, congratulations!


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