The off-season is a time for renewal and reboot; not without reason many classics dedicated poems to autumn and spring. Italian brand A Passion Play has some ideas for a stylish makeover. Designers of the brand in their collections think through every detail to the smallest detail. The fruits of their labors are five pieces of outerwear that will look great anytime, anywhere, and most importantly, keep you warm.


A warm gray coat with a glossy sheen visually lengthens the figure; horizontal stitching adds severity to the look. The unusualness of the coat gives a voluminous scarf in the kit.

Blazer jacket with scarf

Warm and at the same time elegant jacket-blazer is complemented by a matching scarf. Pleasant details — iridescent shade, horizontal stitching, bright color lining. Both the inner and outer pockets are zipped. Phones, passes, subway cards, lipstick and wallet will be completely safe.

trench coat

Over the past few years, it’s hard to imagine a fashionable wardrobe without a trench coat. This type of clothing has an extremely rich history dating back to the battlefields as early as the 1820s. We offer you a pale gray trench coat, stylized as an English model from the beginning of the 20th century. The raincoat has many details, each of which serves your convenience: straps on the sleeves and a placket on the back protect from the wind, epaulettes on the shoulders will help the bag not slip off, flaps on the pockets will protect the contents from moisture.


Do not like associations with military subjects? Your option is a raincoat with roll-up sleeves. A-silhouette suits different body types. The cloak has a hood; it can be unfastened if necessary, and just a turn-down collar will remain. Nautical scarf included. But the main highlight of this thing is the sleeve. It is draped with special fasteners to a 3/4 length, allowing you to wear high gloves or show off a second layer outfit.

Autumn, rains, early twilight and coolness — all this is not a reason to deny yourself the pleasure of being beautiful!

Demi-season clothing can and should please with a variety of colors, styles and original design solutions.


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