Benefits of Foxsy hoodies:

· many models for every taste;

Variety of color schemes;

unique design and author’s prints;

natural material.

Foxsy are bright oversized sweatshirts. The Foxsy sweatshirt series consists of 16 different options: models with a hood and a pocket, cropped sweatshirts with a puff sleeve, classic sweatshirts. Choose to your taste!

The key design feature of the sweatshirts is the use of original illustrations by contemporary artists: Victoria Novikova, Tatiana Mitrushova, Elena Samarskaya, Oksana Zaika and Tatiana Plovetskaya.

Variety of colors and author’s prints

To develop our collection, 5 author’s illustrations and a large palette of colors from 11 trendy shades of the season were used: from gray to milky, from pale pink to juicy crimson …

We guarantee smooth, detailed and high-quality print printing with even edges. Whichever model you choose, the Foxsy sweatshirt will suit any of your outfits and will certainly make it expressive!

We present you several models of Foxsy sweatshirts from our series. You can learn more about the entire line of 16 options at Wildberries.

Hoodie Foxsy «Owl Lucky» (art. 21032627)

Hoodie Foxsy «Corgi» (art. 21049820)

Hoodie Foxsy «Venetian Owl» (art. 21034417)

Hoodie Foxsy «Pug» (art. 21050113)


Foxsy sweatshirts are made of cotton footer, the total weight of which is 300 gr.m. This material is known for its wear resistance, pleasant contact with the skin and does not cause skin allergic reactions due to its natural base. The footer has a high density, therefore, it provides quick warming in cold and even frosty weather and retains heat well.

Tag and label

Each sweatshirt has a signature Foxsy tag. There is a logo and size tag on the collar. Care instructions can be found on the label sewn into the inner side seam.


In addition, we took care of the careful storage and transportation of our products. Each Foxsy sweatshirt is packaged in a convenient zip-lock plastic bag.

Hoodies and sweatshirts from Foxsy are creative pieces for all-day comfort. With our sweatshirts you can easily create your image and achieve self-expression!


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