Of course it is good to spend hot summer days somewhere by the sea.

But the vacation is not soon, but the stone jungle is around.

In the city, the sun heats up the asphalt and buildings so much that it seems that now you will melt like ice cream without a refrigerator.

And you also need to take into account the minimum dress code, or at least the limits of decency in an urban environment.

Wearing as few clothes as possible doesn’t work here.

A stuffy minibus, poorly regulated air conditioning in a subway car or office only add questions to the morning dilemma.

And, finally, I want to be attractive, keep the style and originality.

— What to wear?

The brain melts and refuses to generate ideas.

ToNiKi Style advises.

  • Choose natural breathable fabrics

— Due to their properties, they:

— Well pass air, at the same time keep and maintain comfortable body temperature.

— Possess good hygienic properties.

— Quickly absorb moisture, and dry quickly in the heat.

— Do not cause allergies.

— Favorably affect the condition of the skin.

— Do not electrify, and therefore do not stick to the body.

— Pleasant to the touch, wear-resistant and durable.

  • Choose models of a free silhouette, oversized style

— Loose fit leaves extra room for air to circulate and stay comfortable.

  • Choose as light as possible, and white things are better

— The lighter the color, the more it reflects the sun’s rays, which means it saves from overheating.

A white cropped T-shirt meets all of the above points.

And it has additional benefits.

— Made of knitted fabric — premium quality satin stitch, which means it does not hinder movement;

— The composition of 92% cotton, which breathes and 8% elastane, which improves the properties of the fabric, allows the fabric to easily stretch and return to its original shape, which means it increases the service life of the product;

— The knitted fabric from which the T-shirt is made has an increased density of 190g/m, which means it does not shine through and keeps a comfortable temperature even better;

— An interesting, unusual T-shirt design that matches all the trends of 2022, allows you to create exclusive images.

— Looks spectacular with trousers, jeans or shorts of any shape and color. Especially merged images are obtained in the style of Total white.

Update your wardrobe full of boring, boring things! Be original!

— Suitable for everyday wear in the city, going to a party, going to a club, doing yoga, dancing, stretching and other sports not associated with a high cardio load;

— Soft to the touch and very pleasant to the body;

— Useful on vacation, takes up little space in a suitcase;

— Easy care:

  • Gentle wash, no spinning, tumble dry.
  • Doesn’t have to be ironed.

It is enough to sprinkle the bruises with water, hang it on a hanger, wait until it dries.

— Voila, a smooth, wrinkle-free T-shirt is ready.

— Don’t wear white?

Perhaps you will like the same model in black.

With respect and love in every detail of ToNiKi Style.


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