We will analyze the main things from which we will create a small wardrobe with enviable functionality.

White shirt. Lifesaver, as they say, for all occasions. In principle, you can choose a colored version of the shirt, but then it’s better to have a plain one, which will easily fit into the wardrobe of a student, mother, teacher and any girl without frames in terms of choosing clothes. A shirt can be worn in many ways: tucked into an undershirt, left loose, complemented with a belt, belt, left open neckline or fastened with all buttons. Choose a shirt made from a more natural, quality fabric that is not too short and tight.

Midi dress. Depending on the type of figure, choose loose, semi-fitted and fitted models: all options remain relevant. Colors and textures — variably, depending on your own preferences. Since we are putting together a capsule for spring, we would opt for a floral print or a color version of the dress, in lighter fabrics. You can wear a shirt, sweater, jacket on the dress, also fit it with a belt and add accessories. Moreover, almost all models will be combined with both sneakers and shoes with heels.

Blouse. A feminine blouse, to be exact. Blouses with puffed sleeves, blouses with bows or ties, large collars — have been following us for more than a season. Such products always look smart, elegant, stylish and add romance to the image, which is also useful in spring.


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