Minimalistic style of clothing is the trend of this spring. Diversify your images with bright things, because in the spring you really want changes.

However, to shine in the warm season, you need to prepare. There are 2 months of spring for this. During this time, you need to replenish your wardrobe with new items, and we suggest starting with these 3 things.

Oversized cardigan with buttons

Knitted cardigan VESHALKA is made of high quality Turkish yarn. Very soft, gentle and pleasant to the body. Due to the composition, it does not stretch and even after a while, retains its original appearance. A comfortable and practical oversized cardigan in a classic style will complement any look and emphasize your beauty. The free cut of the product is suitable for any figure. Whatever you wear with a cardigan, it will be combined, the basic model will complement your casual and office style. On the site, the cardigan is sold in 8 colors.

You can get acquainted with the oversized cardigan at this link: https://www.wildberries.ru/catalog/25765036/detail.aspx?targetUrl=MS

Basic suit

Do you want to meet the spring-summer 2022 season in style and comfort? If yes, then we have created a knitted suit for women from the VESHALKA brand especially for you. The costume is made of high quality Turkish yarn. containing natural cotton fibers and synthetic acrylic fibers, thanks to which the suit perfectly keeps its shape, does not wrinkle and dries quickly. The costume is sold in 5 colors: light beige, beige, white, coffee and black.

The suit can be worn with a jacket for a business meeting or for a walk. You can wear a knitted jumper and palazzo trousers separately: the jumper will complement the look with a casual jacket or cape. You can complement the image with skinny jeans or more comfortable wide trousers. For a look with palazzo trousers, choose a shirt or t-shirt without prints.

More details at the link: https://www.wildberries.ru/catalog/19129645/detail.aspx?targetUrl=MS

Long cardigan coat

The cardigan coat should be in your wardrobe before the start of summer. It will not only protect you from the cold, but also make you stand out with its bright appearance. The coat material dries in 5-6 hours and does not wear out over time. If you treat it with care, it will remain in its original form even after many years.

Design allows you to wear cardigan coat with both classic and casual outfits. In a cardigan you will look elegant and stylish at work, at a meeting and leisure. Knitted cardigan will keep you warm in cool weather and will definitely become a favorite piece in your wardrobe. A cardigan coat can be easily combined with any outfit, and a bright accessory will make the look more interesting.

You can buy a cardigan coat at this link: https://www.wildberries.ru/catalog/16911204/detail.aspx?targetUrl=EX

VESHALKA closely follows the trends, so you will find all the most fashionable novelties in our catalog!

Trust us to take care of your comfort!


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