School graduation is one of the most significant events in the life of every girl. And preparation for it begins long before the event itself. Probably, these chores can be compared with wedding ones, since the level of solemnity is in no way inferior.

Each girl presents her prom look differently, but the common thing that unites all girls is the desire to stand out, get enthusiastic looks, and please the opposite sex.

Graduation party is a transition from childhood to adulthood and independent life, it is a kind of annual ritual of reincarnation from an ordinary girl from a neighboring yard to the princess of the evening. This moment is usually solemn in nature, so the outfit should be appropriate.

We offer you a support of dresses from our new collection, which, in our opinion, perfectly reflect the character of this event and correspond to modern trends.

These are translucent light models, airy sleeves and skirts, complex draperies and decor, plenty of hand embroidery and everything that emphasizes youth, femininity, elegance and coquetry.


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