We are sure that there are never too many overalls for a baby from 0 to 1 year old!

The main advantage of the jumpsuit is that it is easy and quick to put on the baby and just as quick and easy to take off!

Overalls come in the first layer and the second — the third layer.

Light overalls of the first layer are put on the baby’s naked body. Therefore, such overalls are sewn only from natural materials that «breathe» well and warm at the same time. The best choice for this is knitted fabric or muslin, 100% cotton.
Light overalls are a great choice as home clothes for a baby for every day. For babies up to 6 months old, calm light colors of overalls are suitable. And for older kids who are beginning to actively explore the world, crawling, eating fruit purees and juices, we will recommend bright or colorful overalls, on which small spots will be practically invisible and your baby will look neat, even if your grandmother unexpectedly came to visit you.
Often, young mothers worry that during sleep, especially at night, the baby throws off the blanket and may freeze. And here, too, the jumpsuit of the first layer is indispensable! It is not for nothing that its second name is sleepik, slip, from the English «sleep» — to sleep. You need to choose a slipik according to the season — it is easier in hot weather and warmer in cool weather. But the main thing is that in such a sleepsuit the baby sleeps more soundly and calmly — he is not disturbed by a blouse pulled up on the back or panties twisted around the legs.

Mothers also work in our Vitara production, and we ourselves design and sew the most necessary and comfortable clothes for babies.
Let’s talk about what are the second and third layer overalls.

Overalls of the second or third layer are worn over light clothing in the cool season to further warm the baby. Such overalls are sewn single-layer or lined, and for the cold season, additional layers of insulation are added.

Overalls without lining are sewn from modern materials that retain heat well, such as fleece, footer, velboa. Lightweight and very soft, such jumpsuits are liked by mothers and are very comfortable for babies. Also very good for kids are modern large-knit knitted jumpsuits complete with hats and booties.
Lined summer jumpsuits are made from dense jersey, soft velboa plush, fluffy lambskin, rich angora fabric, and for the lining we select fashionable printed 100% cotton cooler jersey. Often we supplement such models with hoods for warmth and funny bunny-bear ears so that the photos of your kids in the family album are the cutest.
For autumn and winter overalls, we use modern holston insulation in 2-3 layers. Our overalls are comfortable, comfortable and warm.
We choose fashionable fabrics so that your little ones remain the most beautiful!


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