The thermometer rises to 25+ and puts us in a stupor. How to dress in the summer to withstand the dress code of the office, but at the same time feel comfortable? Here are 5 ideas for you:


Look idea (1): An A-line dress with short sleeves and neutral sandals.

Classic silhouette, loved by many girls. A casual mini dress is revealed with accessories: add a couple of jewelry, an elegant handbag, smile and the look is ready! Neutral colors do not interrupt your special charm, but only indicate dignity. The noodle dress will not wrinkle from sitting on an office chair and will save you 10 minutes in the morning, freeing you from morning ironing.

Look idea (2): Straight-cut jersey midi dress.

For lovers of the classics:

For bright fashionistas:

The straight cut and vertical lines of the noodle fabric visually «stretch» the silhouette, making you taller and slimmer. The slit on the skirt is not only for sexuality, but also for convenience: thanks to it, the dress does not constrain when walking and adds airiness to your walk. Wear with sandals, sandals, shoes + add a couple of accessories and the look is ready!

Look idea (3): wrap dress

Elegant wrap dress with puffed sleeves. For those who love a feminine, delicate silhouette. This style of dress will correct any figure, bringing it closer to the cherished hourglass. Can be worn not only in the office, but also as a festive / evening dress.

Summer office dresses finished sorting out, now let’s move on to the final version!

Look Idea (4): Knitted Suit with Palazzo Pants

For lovers of the classics:

For bright fashionistas:

A long t-shirt with palazzo trousers is the perfect women’s business suit. Why? The noodle costume is comfortable and does not restrict movement, but at the same time, thanks to the cut, it looks reserved and formal, even in bright colors. For the office, you can combine with sandals and pumps. Yes, and for a walk it is the perfect summer suit. With shoes — in the office, for a walk — in sneakers.

I hope the article was useful to you in choosing the very image for work in which you will feel 100%!

Thanks for reading!


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