Our team has developed an airy model in viscose (60%) and polyester (40%). In no case do not be afraid of the presence of artificial material in the composition. Polyester gives viscose stability when washed. Viscose is a lightweight material produced from plant material by special processing.

Polka dot dresses from Ta Sortie are universal — for the office, university, going to a cafe or restaurant, just for a walk, for a party with girlfriends or a first date. Although for the second, and for the third date, and for the wedding anniversary, a festive dress is perfect. It remains only to choose a color. Gently blue or classic black — the choice is yours.

Diversify images, create a new mood. Wear stilettos with a Ta Sortie dress, or create a more casual look with moccasins, loafers, and low heeled shoes. Casual style has created an image of a combination of a dress with sneakers and sneakers that is familiar to our active and intense life. A jacket or a windbreaker and … the dress turns, the dress turns into an elegant or casual, evening or summer dress.
Both models come in a midi length, as well as a belt emphasizing the waist. mix as you like)

Be different and unique, be yourself!
Taking care of your wardrobe and mood, the Ta Sortie brand team!


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