The wardrobe of a modern woman consists of a wide variety of clothes: these are trousers, and skirts, and open tops and classic dresses, and frank shorts and blouses with deep cuts, but at the same time, it is the dress that gives the ladies femininity.

Every woman should have more than one in her wardrobe. formal dress for the office because often only in such clothes you can come to work in a company where everyone adheres to a strict dress code. But this does not mean that women should look like gray mice. Clothing for the office should be unique, feminine and beautiful. But besides, these clothes should be comfortable and modern. Designers have worked hard to ensure that even traditional models of dresses are beautiful and sophisticated.

The color of the dress also plays a very important role. Shades should not be bright and flashy, which in principle is already defined by the name. Also, do not forget that the cut should not be too pretentious and too sexy. Such a dress in a working environment will look out of place. Also formal dresses do not mean too long and too short skirts, as well as deep necklines, frank cutouts, and bright jewelry.

In men with suits for work, everything is clear: tie, cufflinks, shirt, jacket and trousers. The appearance of a business woman must also correspond to her status. Therefore, a lot of requirements are imposed on the dress:

  • Conciseness. The presence of «overalls» additional decor is unacceptable. Draperies, bows, flowers, lace and ruffles — the use of all these decorations is unacceptable. A girl who comes in such an outfit for an interview will definitely start looking for another job in the near future.
  • Officiality. This characteristic implies strict adherence to the rules for the use of a particular color in clothing. You can not wear a dress that is too bright, it is better to limit yourself to shades of dark green, blue, brown, black and white. Restrictions apply to deep necklines, long necklines and extravagant cuts.
  • Elegance. The dress code does not tolerate extravagance and pretentiousness, the dress should radiate modesty and restraint.
  • Line clarity. Office style is the complete absence of frills, lanterns and other styles that are successfully used in everyday outfits.


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