Univer is not a school, there is no strict dress code and strict clothing rules. But still there are norms of compliance with the place where you are.

The dress is a universal women’s clothing that will suit any format of the place. But then, what kind of dress is this?

The stricter the style, the more often you can wear a thing, combining it with different accessories and shoes. An excellent solution is a business sundress, under which a shirt or blouse is worn, as well as any less formal blouse: sweatshirt, longsleeve, even a T-shirt. Then the combinatorial fashion potential of the thing is even wider. The main plus of the dress at school is that it is most comfortable to sit at a desk in it.

A girl should always have a strict universal dress in her wardrobe. It should be simple in cut, basic solid color, below the knee. Since at the university you have to sit at a desk for a long time, the dress should be comfortable, not restricting movement, and not wrinkling.


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