Spring is the time of awakening, when the asceticism is replaced by the luxury of colors, shapes and textures. The spring 2021 curtain collection is dedicated to such a transformation. The designers took a progressive movement as a basis, the result of which is a symbiosis of soft shades of yellow and gray against the backdrop of unexpected textures and elegant prints.

Color as art
Gray and yellow are diametrical opposites in terms of color psychology. The first is restrained, strict at the same time noble and airy. Its tint palette shimmers from cold steel to dusty mother-of-pearl. Self-sufficient mixes allow you to create a pleasant interior that you want to return to.

Yellow charges with positive and energy complex halftones. Gold captivates with bright reflections, vanilla radiates cozy warmth, and lemon gives bright vibes.

By themselves, gray and yellow are too straightforward, in combination with other shades of the interior, they can create a new philosophy for comfortable living.

Interior style

It implies restraint, but without a complete rejection of luxury. In this context, the combination of gray curtains and pastel shades of brown on the floor, furniture and walls looks appropriate. Such clothes for windows become the backdrop for a lush chandelier, inlaid parquet or decorative panels. At the same time, gray curtains fully retain their functionality — they block the light and reliably hide the inhabitants of the home from prying eyes.

American classic

The combination of yellow curtains and gray furnishings is a win-win combination. The play of contrasts levels out the imperfections of the environment and sets the space dynamic. In this case, the location of the room and the amount of natural light fade into the background. Coloring makes the living space comfortable and aesthetic, despite its orientation to the side of the world.


To create a corner of southern France, you need to carefully choose textiles, namely curtains. It is worth paying attention to creamy and vanilla shades. They will fill square meters with invisible solar heat, which is so lacking in our latitudes. Floral and geometric prints are acceptable.


This style is preferred by the inhabitants of the metropolis. In a functional space devoid of decorations, the role of a decorative element is partially transferred to curtains. Smooth surfaces give way to abstract prints. Drawings on a contrasting background create a visual volume.



This material is seriously underestimated, but has recently been gaining popularity. Soft, with a pleasant texture, made from natural raw materials, it fits perfectly into the decor of a bedroom or living room. Gray or yellow matting on blackout curtains is a current trend.


A versatile material for curtains that will be appropriate in any setting. Delicate texture, as a rule, is complemented by drawings. Royal lilies and arabesques are a win-win. The discreet gray background and embossing with a metallic sheen contribute to the creation of an aristocratic atmosphere.


Luxurious fabric for discerning people is notable for its laconic sheen. Such curtains look expensive, so they can bring any interior to a higher level. First of all, this applies to shades of yellow and gray associated with precious metals.

Prints and imitations

In the spring of 2021, designers turned their attention to imitations of textures, which were perfectly realized against the background of yellow and gray shades. It is noble marble, rough granite or plaster. Adherents of drawings should pay attention to floral motifs, flowing monograms and adapted graphic elements.


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