Panties-slips are a classic model in the lingerie market. Comfortable and beautiful, they rightfully take their place in the wardrobes of women around the world. But trends are changing, and now the choice of girls is increasingly falling on high-waisted slips. Today we’ll talk about them.

What gives a high waist?

High-waisted slips provide a feeling of convenience and comfort like nothing else. Forget the pressure. AT slips It will be convenient for you to play sports, walk, work and just relax. The right size will allow you to move freely and easily.

Is is it fashionable?

Even 20 years ago, such a model of underpants was considered outdated and had a reputation as “grandmother’s fashion”. Now everything has changed! Today, speed and comfort are the main priorities of everyone, and slips — This is a comfortable and stylish element of the wardrobe that will emphasize the shape of each owner.

What can you wear these shorts with?

put on slips with a high waist can be worn both under casual clothes and under a tight red dress. We advise you to buy your favorite model in a set, it is better to purchase the basic colors: black, beige, white, gray. Then a comfortable model will suit any outfit.

Thanks to the quality of the materials and the comfortable fit, the slip-on briefs WISH WOMAN won the trust of women all over Russia.

WISH WOMAN produces not only panties, but also what kind of high-quality bras in large sizes. You can always pick up a decent pair of comfortable and practical high-waisted slips.

WISH WOMAN created to fulfill the desires of every woman!


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