Read how the body will change if every day you eat literally one handful of pine nuts!

• The body’s daily need for manganese will be fully compensated and the need for silicon and copper will be half covered.

• Pressure is normalized due to the influence of organic fatty acids.

• The level of harmful lipids and cholesterol will decrease, the risk of plaque formation in the vessels will decrease due to the combination of phytosterols and pinolenic acid.

• Sleep is stabilized — its quality is provided by the amino acid tryptophan. The cells of the body will be protected from modification and damage with the help of antioxidants.

• The work of the gastrointestinal tract is normalized, the body is freed from toxins and toxins, and the intestines are cleansed.

• Mental performance, memory will improve, mood will stabilize. This is influenced by a set of vitamins that are especially needed for people in adulthood.

Take care of your immunity and health strength, which can be shaken with the onset of autumn. Let a large supply of pine nuts in the kitchen become your assistant in this.


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