Giving up sugar is the first step to a healthier life.

Excessive consumption of sugar is the scourge of modern times. On average, a person consumes about 23 kg of sugar annually. Scientists believe that sugar addiction is just as dangerous as drug addiction. It has devastating health consequences.

Sweets trigger the release of dopamine, the happiness hormone. Regular use leads to the fact that dopamine receptors weaken, and the body begins to demand more and more. So a person eventually sits down on a “sugar needle”.

It is worth noting that the article is not about natural sugar, which is contained in honey, fruits, etc., but about artificial refined sugar, which is present in 70% of products in the supermarket.

What will happen to a person if he removes sugar from the diet?

The answer is simple: his health will improve, and not only. Here are some of the changes that will happen to his body.

Normalize sleep patterns

When sugar enters the bloodstream, insulin levels rise sharply and then plummet. This triggers the release of the stress hormone cortisol. The person becomes restless and suffers from insomnia. Cutting out sugar will help your body get into a deep sleep cycle faster and wake up less often during the night.

Increase energy levels and eliminate chronic fatigue

One of the most common myths is that sugar gives strength. But this happens only for a short time after eating sweets, and then the energy goes down. Sugar abuse leads to metabolic disorders. Food ceases to be digested normally, and this is especially true for carbohydrates, which supply a person with energy.

The person will stop suffering from mood swings

Sugar stimulates the production of endorphins — hormones of happiness. Excessive consumption of sugar leads to the fact that the body stops producing endorphins naturally, which in the long run is fraught with depression. The mood of a person becomes directly dependent on sweets. This is confirmed by headaches and nausea in those who decide to fight this addiction.

Weight stabilizes

Constant consumption of sweets keeps insulin levels high in the blood, which in turn contributes to the accumulation of fat in particularly problematic areas, such as the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. Sugar also slows down metabolism, as a result of which a person constantly experiences a feeling of hunger. Cutting out sugar will help your body shed extra pounds and keep your weight in check.

Reduced risks of cardiovascular disease

Sugar consumption is the main factor that causes heart problems. Its excess turns into fat and raises cholesterol, which clogs the arteries and causes heart disease, such as a stroke or heart attack. Also, this leads to a weakening of the muscles of the heart, as its walls become fragile, inelastic and poorly pump blood.

Improve brain function

Sugar interferes with the flow of blood to the brain, which impairs its functioning. Avoiding it improves memory, concentration, and the ability to work and study productively.

Teeth will become healthier and get rid of caries

Many in childhood were forbidden to eat sweets, and for good reason, since this is the main source of caries. Sugar feeds bacteria in the mouth that breaks down the protective layer of teeth called enamel. The spread of bacteria can also lead to gum problems.

Immunity will become stronger

Sugar is the trigger for many inflammatory processes in the body. Blood oversaturated with it suffers from oxidative processes — the causes of the development of cancer cells. It also prevents the absorption of vitamin C, which is responsible for fighting bacteria and infections. Once in the body, it interferes with the life-saving cells to do their job. All this leads to an inevitable decrease in immunity.

Skip artificial sugar and your body will thank you!

From the article it is clear how refined sugar is unhealthy. It interferes with the normal functioning of the body and causes disease and inflammation. Your life can change drastically if you give it up. But, do it gradually, step by step, so as not to suffer from side effects.

How to consolidate and enhance the effect of giving up sugar?

By giving up refined sugar, you will gradually restore your body after the harmful effects of sweets, but in order for your immunity to recover faster, you need to eat foods that contain vital substances and immunomodulators. With them, you will get a double effect after giving up sugar and speed up the path to an ideal figure and appearance and to a healthy body several times! Here is a list of some of these products.

Black cumin oil: the most powerful immunomodulator to date. Black cumin strengthens the immune system, removes toxins from the body, kills microbes, viruses and fungi, and is also a cancer prevention

Omega 3 fatty acids: Rejuvenate the body, remove toxins, improve the condition of the cardiovascular system, skin and hair.

Coconut oil

spicy spices

You don’t have to go far to get these products: we have collected them in our store!

Have a great mood and good health!


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