The topic of men’s health is quite relevant in modern times and at the same time delicate. The stronger sex bypasses this topic and does not like to admit their weaknesses, they are used to enduring and delaying going to the doctor. Unfortunately, male diseases are getting younger every year and today this is an indisputable fact. But these are not only issues of the health of the male body, but also the overall well-being of families.

With age, the ability of a man’s body to have sexual intercourse decreases. The deterioration of sexual capabilities is associated with involutional transformations of organs and systems due to a lack of the male sex hormone — testosterone. A decrease in its level in the body can lead to a weakening of muscle tone, increased fatigue, baldness and depression. The severity of this process is individual.

A proper lifestyle with an appropriate rest and work regimen, a healthy diet and physical activity contribute to an easier course of changes in the male body. Or you can influence by taking specialized drugs.

Who needs the MEN LONGEVITY complex? Men who care about their health and seek to strengthen it. Complex male longevity Dr. Meyer increases testosterone levels, improves brain function and sexual function. Dr. Meyer complex consists of herbal ingredients.

It contains astaxanthin, which belongs to the group of natural components, which has impressive antioxidant properties.

Astaxanthin supports the protective properties of the nervous system, cardiovascular system, organs of vision and skin. It also has anti-inflammatory properties.

As part of the Peruvian maca extract, the use of which has a beneficial effect on the health of men, regardless of age.

Maca Peruvian extract increases libido, improves sperm quality and normalizes hormonal balance.

It also contains coenzyme Q10, which is necessary for cells to produce energy. Its deficiency leads to premature aging of the skin,

weakening of the immune system and decreased brain activity.

The recommended way of application is 1-2 capsules a day after meals.

You can increase testosterone levels and maintain male longevity by following the usual simple rules of life:

— Control your body weight, avoid obesity;

— Avoid stress and overwork;

— Try to live a regular sex life;

— Sleep at least 8 hours a day;

— Use meat in the diet (preferably veal);

— Spend more time outdoors.


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