We all loved to play with toys in childhood, and so, our four-legged animals are no different from children in this regard, they, like eternal children, constantly do something and play pranks, and toys not only develop them, but also help throw out excess energy and save your furniture) And now I will tell you why our toy is the most suitable because it includes many advantages and combines the functions of different toys in one.

  • Material. The toy is made of natural wool. This is a light and durable material that ensures the durability of the toy and, first of all, safety for your pet, because other materials from which the same toys are made, for example, EVA material, are completely unreliable, firstly, a pet can easily bite and swallow a piece of EVA material due to why then you have to take the cat to the veterinarian, this is in the worst case, and in the best case, the toy will simply quickly become unusable because of its “super strength”.
  • Cat mint. We put catnip in a bag with this toy, there is a special compartment for it where you can easily fill it up. Catnip attracts the attention of cats. You can also use it in training or to accustom it to a sleeping place or to a scratching post. Catnip also cheers up the pet and the cat becomes either very affectionate or playful, this is all individually, depending on the age, breed and temperament of the cat. I will be frank with you and say that there is no need to be upset if the cat does not show interest in catnip, and there is such a possibility, but it is small and amounts to about 10%. The fact is that the reaction to catnip is a hereditary trait and some cats simply do not have receptors that this plant acts on.
  • Animal sounds. The toy makes animal sounds depending on the color you choose. Yellow color — sounds of crickets, blue color — sounds of frogs. The sound is quite quiet, thanks to this, the pet will not distract you from work or everyday activities. Sounds immerse your pet in its natural habitat as much as possible (the sound is played only when interacting with the toy).
  • Replaceable batteries. This is another plus, I’ll say right away that the batteries are already built into the toy, but when the batteries run out, you can replace them at any time without any problems. To replace, you need L41 batteries (all instructions are placed in the box).
  • Package design. Unique and beautiful box. Thanks to this, it will not be a shame to give the toy to friends who have pets, because the box has a presentable appearance.

Where else can you find so many benefits and features in one toy? I am sure your pet will certainly be happy with such a gift.


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