Door and drawer blocker, children’s blockers, window blocker, door blocker 4 pcs. from Fabe kids — a protective pad for the home to ensure the safety of the child. Child lock, door lock, drawer lock, sliding door lock, wardrobe lock, refrigerator lock, oven lock, microwave oven lock, toilet lock, animal, cat, dog lock — these are the main applications of children’s protection for the safety of the child. The blocker perfectly adheres to glass, laminated, plastic, wood and metal surfaces. The 3M adhesive layer provides a strong and secure fastening, while the bollard lock is easy to remove without damaging the surface. The length of the strap is adjustable from 3 to 10 cm. Elasticity allows you to use the cabinet and drawer blocker at any angles and irregularities. An adult can open and close the lock with one hand, while the baby will not be able to open it on his own. For particularly dangerous places, you can use two or more blockers at the same time.

The package includes 4 pcs. child safety locks and 4 alcohol wipes as a gift for surface degreasing and secure installation

The lock blocker allows you to protect cabinets, doors, windows, refrigerator, stove, microwave oven, windows from opening by children.

The long strap allows you to use the lock to protect doors and drawers in any situation where you need to restrict child access.

The unique adhesive layer of the blocker to protect doors and drawers, allows you to use it on any surface.

Using a blocker lock with an adhesive layer allows you to block children’s access to objects where it is not possible to install blockers with traditional screw fastening — on a refrigerator, oven, toilet bowl, microwave oven.

The adhesive layer of the blocker allows it to be installed on surfaces where the use of blockers with screws is difficult or impossible.

The adhesive lock of the blocker does not leave mechanical damage to the surface and can be carefully removed later with a cleaning agent.

The child lock is secure. Your baby will not be able to tear it off the surface. Withstands a tensile load of up to 10 kg.

Where can a child lock be used:

— door and drawer lock

— lock for swing doors

— sliding door lock

— closet blocker

— freezer lock

— oven lock

— toilet lock

— microwave lock

— room door lock

For some items and especially dangerous areas (cabinets with dangerous contents), you can use two or more blockers at the same time for safety.

Characteristics of the blocker lock:

— White color

— lock blocker can be installed on any surfaces

— the block lock allows adults to conveniently open and close it with one hand

— a latch that is difficult for a child to open

— lock blocker can be dismantled after use

— adjustable strap length allows you to use the blocker on any item

Order a child lock and your home will become even safer!


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