Another birthday is coming soon, but you do not know what to give the birthday man? Surely this problem occurs for everyone … the first)

You are lucky if the birthday boy knows exactly what he would like to receive as a gift and voices it, but this does not always happen. You can give 100500th soft toy, figurine and any other dust collector, but it will be much more pleasant to receive an original gift.

Such a gift can be glasses with engraving.

A wide range of engravings allows you to choose the inscription that will be perfect for the birthday person. Motivating phrases, jokes, and for fans of the Harry Potter saga there is a series of glasses, there really is plenty to choose from.

The inscription on the wine glasses is applied using the laser engraving method. The pattern will not fade or fade over time.

You can choose the option in glasses in a regular package and pack it yourself as you like, but your gift will look much more presentable in a gift wooden case!


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