A well-designed wardrobe is one of the first steps to facilitate the adaptation of a child in kindergarten. We help plan upcoming purchases for going to kindergarten and share our experience on how to profitably purchase children’s clothes for little fashionistas and fashionistas.

List of clothes for kindergarten

The child begins a new stage in life. The kindergarten has a daily routine, which includes: sleep, a walk on the street, sports and music classes. Accordingly, the baby’s wardrobe should be replenished with new wardrobe items. Prudent parents make an approximate list of things, which includes: underwear, pajamas, a T-shirt with shorts for sports, T-shirts, socks, hoodies, pants. A girl can play in a group in a sundress, tunic, leggings or a dress. Outerwear for the season with a hat, mittens or gloves should be provided for going outside.

Features of choosing clothes for kindergarten

A child in kindergarten will learn to dress himself. 20 or even 30 small pupils are assigned to the teacher, and she will not be able to quickly fasten each kid with all the buttons. The dressing process should be made as simple as possible. Buy things with a minimum number of fasteners and decorative elements. It is advisable to choose sweatshirts with a convenient zipper, the necks should stretch well so that the baby’s head does not get stuck. Pants and skirts are better to buy with an elastic band, and not with a belt.

Among other things, there are a number of requirements for children’s clothing:

Natural materials and quality dyes. Do not stop at attractive-looking synthetics. Natural fabric (cotton, linen) «breathes», absorbs moisture and sweat, does not stick, does not electrify and does not cause an allergic reaction. This material is pleasant and soft to the touch, comfortable to wear. High-quality dyes will retain the pattern, do not cause itching and irritation, and have no smell.

Choose non-marking and practical clothes that are easy to wash. White things should not be taken to the kindergarten. It is obvious that they will not go a day without spots. Do not buy expensive things, then to be upset because the product is damaged. It is better to choose products that are easy to care for, which, after washing and wearing, will not lose their presentable appearance.

Right size. Thrifty parents sometimes take clothes for growth, which is a mistake. Children’s clothes should be comfortable and not constrain movements during active games, while not looking baggy and awkward. Buy things according to the size of the child.

Design that the child loves. This point is especially important for girls. From an early age, the crumbs develop a taste and style, which also affects development. Clothing should be suitable for a specific occasion: for a holiday, choose more elegant, for everyday life — simpler in calm, muted colors. And the kid can choose the print on the blouse himself, giving preference to his favorite cartoon character or a cute cat.

The safety of things. Do not buy clothes with sewn on beads or glued on rhinestones. Small researchers can pluck such interesting details for a closer analysis. These same parts often end up in the mouth, ears or nose.

Basic kits. Buy different things so that you can combine them with each other. For example, solid colors are easier to combine than colorful multi-color outfits.

How many outfits will you need

The child will go to kindergarten five days a week. So the best option for parents is to stock up on five sets of clothes for each day and pick up 1-2 sets for a shift. In this case, during the week you will not have to think about what to wear to the child in kindergarten, and worry that the washed thing does not have time to dry. A change is a spare set of clothes that is in the locker for emergencies. Considering that very young children have “accidents” quite often, 2 sets will come in handy for them.

Where is the best place to buy children’s clothes

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