Calcium is a mineral that must be contained in the human body in sufficient quantities. It is found in some foods and certain medications, such as antacids, and can also be in supplement form. Calcium is needed for the normal functioning of blood vessels, nerves and muscles.

1. Calcium is needed by the body for bone growth.

2. The daily norms of calcium are different for everyone. There are separate norms for men, women, children, the elderly and pregnant women. The average person needs 1,000 mg of calcium per day.

3. Calcium is part of milk and other fermented milk products. Lactose-free sources of the mineral are vegetables. Calcium is also found in cheese, natural low-fat yogurt, bone-in canned sardines in butter, and low-fat milk.

4. Calcium is in some nutritional supplements — in carbonate and citrate.

5. Calcium is also found in some antacid medicines. However, it also cannot interact with certain drugs. For example, with a bisphosphonate, an antibiotic, levothyroxine, and phenytonin.

6. How calcium is absorbed is influenced by its amount, age of the person, components in food, drinks and food.

7. Some amount of calcium is excreted from the body. It depends on sodium, as well as whether a person consumes coffee, alcohol, protein and grains.

8. With long-term calcium deficiency, osteopenia sometimes appears. Bone fractures may also occur, and young children may develop rickets.

9. More calcium should be consumed by women who are postmenopausal or who have amenorrhea, as well as people with lactose intolerance or allergy to cow’s milk and vegetarians.

10. The effect of sufficient calcium accumulation is reflected in the hair and nails. Nails become strong and even. Hair stops falling out. The teeth are less sensitive.

Why is calcium excreted from the body?

Part of the calcium leaves the body with various secretions. Its amount depends on several factors.

If the body has a high sodium content, it increases the excretion of calcium in the urine. Thanks to this substance and protein, excretion also increases. This negatively affects the calcium content in the body. Protein also helps the mineral to be absorbed in the intestines.

If you consume caffeine, there is more excretion and because of this, calcium is less absorbed. A cup of coffee results in a loss of 2-3 mg of this mineral. Caffeine does not affect the bone health of young women who regularly consume small amounts of it. A cup of coffee or two cups of tea a day won’t be a problem.

Alcohol in the body interferes with calcium absorption in the intestines and inhibits liver enzymes that help convert vitamin D. It is not known exactly how much alcoholic beverages have a negative effect and how bad it is for bones.

If you eat more protein and grains, the metabolism becomes better. However, this also increases the level of excretion.

Vegetables and fruits in the body shift the acid-base balance of the digestive system. Thus, the production of bicarbonate is increased, which reduces excretion.

What foods contain calcium

Milk and dairy products are considered the richest sources of calcium.

Lactose-free sources of calcium are vegetables. For example, cabbage and Beijing cabbage, as well as broccoli. Spinach contains calcium, but it is poorly absorbed. Fruit juices and soy products also contain this mineral.

Calcium is highest in mozzarella and cheddar cheeses, natural low-fat yogurt, bone-in canned sardines in oil, and low-fat milk.

Now there is a large selection of drugs containing calcium on the market, but the main problem remains! Its DIGESTIBILITY!

Calcium D3 Taliquid solved this problem. It is a one-piece enteric capsule. It enters the small intestine and opens. Only the small intestine contributes to the absorption of calcium in the body in combination with vitamin D3, each Taliquid capsule contains a suspension.

It is recommended to take only 1 capsule per day. The content of Vitamin D3 in each capsule is 600 IU, which corresponds to the daily norm. For the full and best effect, consult your doctor. Individual intolerance. The minimum course to obtain the desired result is 1 pack.


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