Perhaps this is one of the most controversial beauty products. It survived a century of evolution and eventually lost its original meaning. The fact that lips can generally be summed up, the world learned from the American actress Clara Bow back in the 1920s. It was then that there was a boom in puppet lips resembling a heart. The main thing in such a make-up is not to paint over the corners, but to highlight only the middle.

Ten years later, actress Marlene Dietrich launched the ombre trend. She lined her lips with a red liner, and used a lighter lipstick inside the contour. So the lips became more voluminous, but looked slightly artificial. Another strange trend of the thirties is a straight upper lip. Yes, yes, it was deliberately smoothed out with a liner in order to get rid of the «Cupid’s arch» altogether.

For its intended purpose, the liner began to be used only in the 1950s. It was then that plump bright red lips, like Marilyn Monroe, were in fashion. Here it was important that the liner fully matched the shade of lipstick. Another trick came up with Audrey Hepburn: with the help of eyeliner, she made the upper lip a little longer and larger than the lower one. This is vaguely reminiscent of today’s duck face, a common facial expression for selfies. But in the case of Audrey, the lips seem to look like this. They do not need to be «inflated», and this is not striking at all.

The Violet pencil set has as many as 12 shades, thanks to which you can choose the perfect color and shade that will not look catchy, or even vice versa! Everything depends only on your desires.

In the 1960s, the liner moved to the nude side. It’s hard to imagine Brigitte Bardot without a nude lipstick with a slightly darker contour. And then lip liner died—only to be reborn again in the 1990s. The most restrained version belongs to Naomi Campbell: she lightly marked the outline with a dark pencil. But a weirder version can be seen in the Mexican queen of soap operas Veronica Castro. She wore a very dark liner, despite the fact that her skin is quite fair. And almost all the members of the Spice Girls let their lips down, and these were always very contrasting shades.

All in all, liner then no one was embarrassed at all. Although our mothers taught: eyeliner is needed for lipstick to be easier apply. First draw the outline, and only then paint over his lipstick. In theory this should alleviate task, but in reality only adds unnecessary complex actions.

Another option for using the liner appeared at the beginning of the 2000s thanks to Lil Kim: to make the eyeliner not thin, but thick, almost half a lip. This is necessary to get the volume.

What to do with lip pencil now

If none of the old Hollywood tricks made you think about the benefits of lip liner, then here are some examples of how to misuse it.

as a primer

Yes, a light pencil may well become a primer for lipstick. It fills all the bumps very well, so the lipstick on top of it will lie down smoothly.

Instead of lipstick

Watch any Kylie Jenner tutorial and you will understand what it is all about.

Like eyeliner

Now, when the eyes are painted with everything that comes into view, this advice is very relevant. Finding a red eyeliner is a challenge. Therefore, resourceful makeup artists use a red lip liner to draw bright arrows.


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