It is quite a common opinion that a phytolamp is needed only for seedlings. It’s not like that at all. In apartments, there is often not enough sunlight. And ordinary energy-saving light bulbs or incandescent lamps cannot make up for it. Direct light can not only do no good, but also harm: burn tender leaves and stems of plants. If the seedling is stretched towards bright room light, it will be fragile, can break quickly and will not bring a rich harvest. Ultraviolet directed from specialized phytolights does not allow plants to grow quickly, which helps the stems, leaves and root system to develop in a more balanced way. Any flower will grow best under the most natural conditions. It was to create a good microclimate for flowers that phyto lamps were invented. With their help, organizing ideal conditions for shoots will not be difficult.

The main difference between phytolamps and ordinary ones is that they emit a maximum of light, but a minimum of heat, which makes up for the lack of lighting well, especially in winter. Thanks to this radiation, plant growth is normalized. Phytolamp emits light in the range necessary for plants. Some people think that flower lamps are purple, but they have two spectrums: red and blue. Red — is responsible for active germination, flowering and increased photosynthesis for better results. The blue spectrum helps the sprouts get more energy from the synthesis of chlorophyll, and as a result, be juicy and green. Each spectrum can be used separately or both together, which will bring the maximum benefit for growing plants from sowing to flowering and harvest.

Phytolamps are universal, they are suitable for all types of plants: both indoor and greenhouse. Especially tropical and exotic plants such as avocado, mango, kiwi, pineapple, date need such phyto-lighting. Yes, yes, such plants can also be grown at home with a phyto assistant.

When using a phytolamp, it should be borne in mind that the light vibrations that occur during light scattering are practically invisible to the eyes, but they can negatively affect the human body. In particular, light vibrations have a bad effect on the brain, provoke irritability, and cause increased fatigue, which leads to a deterioration in performance. In addition, due to the constant pulsation of the phytolamp, the eyes get tired faster, soreness may appear. In this regard, it is recommended to turn on the lamp during the absence of people in the room!

For home use, a 20W lamp, 40LED brightness, with the ability to switch the spectrum is sufficient. It’s good when there are additional functions, for example: a control panel, dimming the lighting, convenient fastening to the table, a flexible hose and the ability to fix the lamp in a comfortable position. You can buy a phytolamp with suitable characteristics at the link below.

May your plants always be warm and full of strength for flowering!


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