The key to beauty and health of the skin of the face is a properly selected decorative and care cosmetics. And one of the mandatory tools in the daily beauty routine of every girl should be a primer that can replace a moisturizer, and also become an excellent base for makeup. Why is a primer needed? It smoothes the microrelief of the skin, so the foundation is applied already on a flat surface. The skin of the face looks more uniform and smooth.

Most high performance primers contain high concentrations of silicones. This provides an immediate visual effect, but has a detrimental effect on the skin. It’s no secret that silicones form an airtight film on the skin, which provokes the appearance of inflammation, redness, black spots and other undesirable reactions.

Thus, a product that evens out skin tone makes it even more uneven in its natural state.

The Skin Helpers brand, following the concept of conscious skin care and safe physiological formulations, has developed a mattifying fluid for the face. There is now a natural, ethical alternative to base on the market that will win you over from the first use.


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