For women, the beauty and health of the skin of the face is very important. Where should you start caring for her? With proper cleansing. Therefore, ultrasonic facial cleansing is gaining more and more popularity in cosmetology. We tell you how the procedure goes, what are its advantages and disadvantages. Modern cosmetologists offer many ways to cleanse the skin: scrubs, cleansing masks, mechanical (manual) and hardware cleaning. Each method has both its advantages and disadvantages. But most often, women choose ultrasonic cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning or peeling is very popular because it is a quick and effective way to cleanse the skin of the face without side effects. It is suitable for almost everyone, while inexpensive and does not cause redness. You can do it before any event and immediately after the procedure go on business. This cleansing helps well with oily sheen, blackheads, fine wrinkles.

Pros and cons of ultrasonic peeling

Ultrasonic cleaning is carried out using a special apparatus in the form of a spatula — a scrubber. From exposure to ultrasound, dead cells are loosened, separated, the upper layer of the epidermis is removed, and the skin immediately looks younger. The tone increases, the face acquires a healthy color. The ultrasonic scrubber expands the pores and expels all the dirt, sebaceous plugs, clogged decorative cosmetics from them. The skin is cleansed, blackheads are removed. Ultrasound also affects the deep layers of the epidermis, improving blood circulation. From this, collagen and elastin proteins begin to be more actively produced, which maintain youth by smoothing small wrinkles. The oval of the face becomes more toned, the skin looks fresher and younger. After it, there is no inflammation and scarring, as after other types of peeling. It does not require preparation and takes 30-40 minutes in a beauty salon. Due to the gentle effect, such cleaning can also be carried out on sensitive skin — it does not cause allergies. The disadvantage of cleaning is that the gentle effect of ultrasound cannot cleanse the skin of deep impurities and get rid of serious problems. It will not help with a large number of acne and inflamed acne. Moreover, with inflammation on the face, ultrasonic cleaning cannot be done at all. The procedure must be repeated often, because the effect of it is short-lived. Cosmetologists recommend ultrasonic cleaning every 1-2 months to achieve good results. You can alternate it with other types of peeling and cleansing masks.

How ultrasonic cleaning is carried out in a beauty salon

The first step is face preparation. Cleansing lotion removes make-up from the skin. Next, a warming mask is applied to expand the pores. To work with the scrubber, the skin is lubricated with a special gel. The very effect of ultrasound on the face lasts 15-20 minutes. It is completely painless and causes no discomfort. You can only feel a slight vibration. And the final stage: the beautician makes a soothing facial massage, then a moisturizing mask or cream is applied.

Who shouldn’t have ultrasonic cleaning?

Ultrasonic peeling has its contraindications. It can not be done on the skin with inflammation and during an exacerbation of acne. Do not clean if there are cuts, burns, herpes, rashes or boils on the face. The infection can spread throughout the face, getting into enlarged pores. Doctors do not recommend ultrasonic cleaning for people with heart and vascular diseases, people with hypertension and cancer patients. During pregnancy, before the procedure, consult a gynecologist.


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