Summer 2022 has already arrived and the question of where to go on vacation is more relevant than ever. The key to a quality holiday is advance preparation and taking care of your own health.

To travel outside of Russia, it must be taken into account that not all foreign resorts are ready to receive guests. The situation with sanctions and anti-COVID measures are influencing.

Countries open to the publicmarked on the map in green) do not require quarantine (but may require test results, a certificate or vaccination certificate). For example, Azerbaijan is open to citizens of the Russian Federation, but for entry you need a certificate of vaccination or a certificate of illness.

Countries, marked in yellow — open, but there are restrictions (quarantine, etc.).

red The countries to which entry is closed are marked.

In any case: in the case of open entry, and in the face of strict preventive measures against coronavirus infection, it is worth taking care of your own health and the health of loved ones.

Convenient option — rapid test for covid19 from Rapid Bio.

Allows you to test for the covid19 virus at home, detect antibodies, antigen. The covid test will not replace the laboratory PCR test, but will allow you to take timely measures at the first sign of the disease. If you confirm cavid, you will be able to limit the circle of contacts and prevent the spread of the disease, as well as apply an adequate treatment regimen for the disease.

The self-test procedure is simple:

1. Check the contents of the package and the expiration date of the kit, put on gloves

2. Take the probe (without touching the soft part of the probe with your hands), insert 1.5-3 cm into the nostril.

3. Place the tip of the probe into a tube with a dropper

4. After 15 minutes, evaluate the result of the rapid test.

Let your vacation in the summer of 2022 be healthy and filled with a lot of positive impressions!


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