Summer is in full swing and it seems that the new school year is still far away? But the parents of first-graders do not exactly think so, because preparing a child for the first time for school is very responsible and exciting. There are so many things to find and buy that it’s time to do it now! If you are already planning such purchases, then we recommend starting with the most important thing — a school bag.

But first, let’s figure out how a school bag differs from a backpack. The backpack has a solid body with a rigid anatomical back. Due to this, the load on the back and spine is evenly distributed, which minimizes the possibility of posture disorders. The dense walls and bottom of the backpack provide convenient placement of training supplies: everything can be neatly folded and quickly removed.

Backpacks, as a rule, have a soft shape and do not have the advantages listed above, therefore experts recommend them to middle and high school students whose spine is already formed.

First-graders should choose a school bag with great responsibility. The main task of the parent is not to harm the health of the child. When choosing a backpack, we recommend paying special attention to the following characteristics:

  1. The body of the backpack must be rigid and resistant to deformation.
  2. Be sure to have a rigid anatomical back with soft sponge pads covered with ventilated material. This backrest design will help reduce the load on the spine, prevent the child from slouching, and provide convenience and comfort when worn. In Berlingo backpacks, the back is covered with high quality soft ventilation material, which prevents chafing of the child’s back and shoulders.
  3. Shoulder straps should be soft and wide. Straps adjustable in length and height are important in order to «adjust» the satchel to the height of the child.
  4. The presence of a special chest tie on the straps. For example, Berlingo satchels are equipped with such a tie, which ensures a tight fixation of the satchel on the back. A tie is also needed so that the shoulder straps do not fall off the shoulders during active movement.
  5. The bottom of the backpack should be hard, covered with water-repellent material for easy cleaning from dirt. The advantage is the presence of plastic legs, which will help protect the satchel from pollution and abrasion of the bottom.
  6. The presence of reflective elements is an important factor in the safe movement of the child in the dark. They should be located on the front, side parts of the satchels and on the shoulder straps.
  7. The weight of the backpack is also of great importance. On average, it varies from 700 to 1100 grams. Ideally, if the empty satchel weighs less than 1 kg. It should be taken into account that the lower the weight, the lower the rigidity and equipment of the backpack.
  8. The more pockets and compartments, internal and external, the more comfortable the backpack. The presence of an internal organizer, dividers for notebooks helps the child to keep order and neatly store textbooks and notebooks inside the satchel.

How not to make a mistake and choose the right model for your child? The whole secret is in the fitting.

When trying on, experts advise to take into account a number of important parameters:

  • Do not be shy — from all sides, look at how the backpack looks on a child. Evaluate not only the appearance, but also the convenience of wearing the product. Adjust straps for height. Ask the child how comfortable it is to hold the backpack, if there are any problems with the putting on process.
  • Keep in mind that the child will wear a backpack in different clothes and at different times of the year. Do not buy a backpack «for growth» — a large size affects the health of the back, and the curvature of the spine obtained in primary school will then be quite difficult to correct.

But choosing the right backpack is not enough! It needs to be monitored and cleaned periodically. First of all, pay attention to the label of the product — it usually indicates the method of care. Most backpacks are made from durable fabrics and are machine washable. But if the product has a strong body, an anatomical back, like Berlingo satchels, then it is better to clean them manually.

When buying a satchel, in addition to the listed characteristics, it is worth considering the opinion of the first-grader himself. So that the satchel not only meets your requirements, but also suits the person who will wear it every day.

When you choose a Berlingo backpack, you are choosing more than just a school accessory. For a first-grader, such a satchel will become a reliable assistant in studies, thanks to the use of high-quality materials and advanced technologies in the production. Among the designs of backpacks, which are represented by original textures and decorative elements (juicy colors, neon effects, applications, etc.), your future student will definitely be able to find what he likes. In addition, in the Berlingo collections, you can choose stylish accessories for each satchel — a pencil case, a folder for notebooks and albums, a bag for changing shoes.


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