Our gaze, no matter where we are in the room, regularly stops at the window. And everyone who came to visit you will definitely pay attention to window decor, which means that your curtains are constantly under the gun of either intent or scattered glances. They just have to look perfect!

What you need to know to properly care for curtains?

Curtain care includes washing, ironing and proper storage if you decide to take them off for a while. Care methods depend on the fabric and design: some types of curtains are completely unpretentious, others require careful handling, and still others are so capricious that caring for them is a whole science . For example, not everyone knows how to bleach the thinnest tulle or wash filament muslin, whether it is possible to send the most delicate organza to the washing machine and how to quickly iron linen curtains.

However, it often only seems that it is difficult to take care of «capricious curtains», but in fact it is enough to learn a few secrets of proper care — and there will be no difficulties! Do you want to know how to properly handle different types of curtains and which ones require special care in washing and ironing? This article will replenish your store of economic knowledge with useful economic life hacks.

Be sure to read about the rules for washing the fabric from which your curtains or curtains are sewn. Ready-made products are always accompanied by information on the permissible temperature and the possibility of machine washing.

If you decide to bleach tulle or curtains from other white fabric, do not rush to use powerful tools like «Whiteness», because using salt, starch, potassium permanganate, brilliant green, blue or hydrogen peroxide with ammonia.

When you iron curtains, consider not only the temperature allowed for this fabric. It should be remembered that some materials are recommended to be ironed dry (for example, silk), while others are semi-moist (linen, veil, microveil, etc.). You also need to know that the most delicate fabrics have special requirements for ironing. For example, velvet curtains are not only ironed from the inside, but also put on something soft so as not to crush the precious pile.

A mandatory requirement for accurate ironing is a clean soleplate. It is especially important to remember this when you have thin and light curtains!

Don’t like working at the ironing board? Use a steamer. Curtains when using it do not need to be removed from the eaves. For fabrics that are difficult to iron (for example, linen), it is advisable to use this technique only in relation to fabrics that can be ironed semi-damp so that the curtains do not «sit down».

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