Hello everyone, buying a new laptop (laptop) we try it with all the truth and to protect by lies, although what really cunning and old we also protect.

So, today we will choose a bag for a laptop

1) The first is the form factor, conditionally everything solutions can be divided into 3 groups: covers, bags and backpacks.

A) The most primitive version of the cover is the basic protection, which at best prevents scratches. Yes, there is really nowhere to put the charge, although in some cases it will be very convenient. If the laptop is small and some lady is carrying it, then such a solution is just right so as not to load the second shoulder with an additional bag.

B) The second option is a bag, it can be a little more than a cover, but it has a handle for which it can be carried in hands and a strap that allows you to carry it on your shoulder or on your back. Plus a pocket, at least one for the same charger. In the case of a bag with more pockets, there can be a million for mice, flash drives, memory cards, a smartphone, tablet, headphones, a spare charger, a spare laptop, after all, protection bag provides.

C) A backpack, firstly, hands are free, and secondly, you can get by with one backpack and go somewhere for the weekend. I fit a laptop and all related things into it, some clothes for example. Of course, there are also disadvantages, in summer it will be hot, no matter what super breathable surface of the back of the backpack is.

Conclusion: A bag from the SUMNOUT brand perfectly combines the characteristics of these form factors:
1) Lightweight, thin and comfortable, just like a case.
2) There is a handle, as well as a pocket for everything you need, just like a bag.
3) The belt frees the hands.

2) Decide on the size, believe me, the best way is to ask the seller! The laptop should fit snugly into the compartment, it may be slightly smaller than the compartment, but not too much so that it does not walk around it.
Conclusion: Our bag is ideal for laptops up to 15.6 inches.

3) The next stage of selection is the material. Inside, it must be soft, necessarily dense and durable partitions, if there are more than one compartment Definitely a rigid frame. The most popular three material is synthetic, artificial leather and genuine leather. It is worth focusing on your own feelings.Pay attention to moisture resistance, it is very desirable, because you never know when it will rain or snow.
Conclusion: The material of the bag from our brand is 100% polyester, it protects well from moisture, and also looks stylish. The inside is lined with soft material.

By purchasing our bag, you will be pleasantly surprised. Because this is an excellent combination of price and quality, this bag from SUMNOUT contains all the optimal solutions in terms of characteristics.


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