What is important to pay attention to when choosing a search magnet!

Recently, an increasing number of people are fond of searching for metals and ancient jewelry at the bottom of reservoirs. The search for «treasures» is a rather adventurous activity and each trip to the reservoir is a small, but an adventure. It seemed that only in childhood this idea was the most interesting and bewitching, however, many adults still continue to search for treasures and take this hobby quite seriously.

Thanks to modern devices, today it will not be difficult to catch a find from the day of the reservoir, and your find can be of different weights!

Among the large number of types of search magnets and their manufacturers, it is easy to get confused.

How to choose the best option for yourself? How to get the most out of a purchase without overpaying? What characteristics should you pay attention to when choosing a search magnet? The answers to these questions are offered to you in this list of key factors:

1. How many kilograms can a magnet lift? It is necessary to determine the maximum allowable force depending on your goals! The size of the magnet, the price and its weight will depend on this. Usually search magnets exist from 120 kg. up to 600 kg.

2. Once you have decided how many kilograms you need a magnet, then you need to choose with one or two magnetic surfaces. A single-sided magnet is suitable for vertical lifting, and a double-sided one is considered universal, as it provides for both vertical and horizontal baiting, for example, along the bottom of a reservoir.

3. An important factor that not many people pay attention to is the actual area of ​​the magnet itself, excluding the case. Often, in order to save money, manufacturers make a thick case, due to which they reduce the size of the magnet itself, which significantly reduces the efficiency in the operation of the magnet. Choose a magnet with maximum contact area and thin case walls!

4. Eyebolts, which are screwed in for one-sided magnets, only from above the surface into the magnet, and for double-sided ones there is also a hole on the side where the second eyebolt is screwed. It is advisable to purchase magnets with ring-shaped eyebolts (instead of bent places for attaching a rope or carabiner, they are more reliable. Please note that on double-sided magnets, one of the bolts must be long enough to wring the magnet from the magnetized surface!

5. A less significant factor is big-name brands. Usually such brands using the name often save on quality. That is, they use less powerful magnets and with a smaller working area. At the same time, the price, as a rule, is higher than that of little-known brands, but complying with quality standards.

6. A high price does not always mean the best quality, but suspiciously cheap options should not be considered either. Our advice — choose the golden mean and first of all check the above facts of the product itself!

Happy shopping!


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