The most dangerous for the health of a child’s spine is a static sitting position, because, according to orthopedists, in a sitting position, the load on the back is distributed unevenly and this leads to stoop and other consequences. Therefore, the mission of the children’s growing chair is orthopedic. But what it is, we will tell you further.

🪑 Top of the spine — relieves from the weight of the hands. We adjust the seat height so that the shoulders are lowered and the elbows freely touch the table. If it’s too low, the child’s elbows are pulled forward on the table; if it’s too high, the child leans forward and slouches (or doesn’t sit at all).

🪑 Middle of the spine — keeps the back straight and static. Our original growing chair Vrost has an ergonomic back, and contact with the owner occurs evenly over the entire surface of the back. The mission of the back: to protect against tipping back and to teach to keep the back straight without pulling the shoulder blades.

Orthopedic chair Orthopedic chair

🪑 The lower part of the spine — unloads from the weight of the legs. Place the footrest in such a way (experiment higher/lower, as the chair can be adjusted individually) that the foot rests completely on the support, and the legs are bent at an angle of 90 degrees. It is very orthopedic and correct!


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