This article describes the Janim pet carrier.

Let’s look at what you get by choosing this particular carrying bag, and not another:

— the sling has light weight — only 300 gr. ;

— the bag is very convenient for both you and the pet — the owner’s hands are always free, while your pet is always there and can not be afraid of anything and feel your warmth and care;

— the carrier sling is made of breathable fabric, and for greater comfort for your beloved pet, there is an opening for the head with adjustable lacing so that your cat or dog has a full view of what is happening;

— for safety, the carrying bag for cats and dogs has a carabiner that you attach to the collar so that the pet does not accidentally jump out;

— for the comfort of the owner, the pet carrier bag has a wide shoulder strap and an adjustable buckle so that it can be adjusted to your individual size;

— today you can’t go anywhere without a phone, so for convenience, a special pocket is provided in this carrying sling.

This pet carrier is suitable for both cats and small breed dogs weighing up to 6 kg. It will also be very convenient for puppies and older dogs, as they need even more care.

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