Omega-3 is a substance indispensable for the life of an adult, but you can get it only by eating a limited list of fresh foods. They are of great structural importance in the formation of brain cells, male germ cells, as well as in the deposition and burning of fats in the human body. In addition, these acids are actively involved in the accumulation of energy. Scientists have found that omega-3 prevents the formation of blood clots in the body, prevents the development of cardiac ischemia and has a positive effect on human life expectancy. Omega-3 is a fundamental nutrient for the health and harmonious development of young children.

The lack of these fatty acids directly affects human health. Its symptoms can be weakness of the body, fatigue, fatigue, lack of mood, depression, muscle cramps and pain, dry skin of the hands, deterioration in the structure of hair and nails. All of these symptoms may indicate a lack of different groups of vitamins in the body and various diseases, so almost none of us suspects a deficiency of omega-3 substances in our daily diet.

But you should know that not always and not absolutely all omega-3s are equally useful and effective. To do this, consider in detail the molecular composition of this nutrient.

Flaxseed oil, as well as fish oil, are the richest foods in terms of nutrient content, namely omega-3. But these two sources contain completely different subspecies of omega-3. So, in the composition of flax oil, the main element is alpha-linoleic acid (ALA). Whereas the fat contained in fish products is a valuable source of eixapentaenoic (EPA) acid, as well as docosahexaenoic (DHA), which have a more complex molecular composition. DHA and EPA differ from ALA in their own activity, they help the body burn excess fat, improve heart function, help cleanse blood vessels and improve memory. Thus, DHA and EPA, which contain fish oil, are indispensable and beneficial for human health, unlike flaxseed oil, the main source of ALA. In addition to all of the above, ALA in excess can cause oncological changes, most often expressed in prostate cancer.

The human body is able to convert ALA to EPA and DHA, but this conversion is inefficient. Scientists have proven that the male body is not able to produce this transmission of fatty acids at all, and only 0.4 to 9% of ALA is converted in the female body. In order to get the required dose of DHA and EPA, you need to add fish oil to your diet. It is better to give preference to fatty and slightly salted varieties of fish, as well as capsule-type fish oil. It is not necessary to buy expensive varieties of fish, omega-3 is found in herring and mackerel, which are familiar to Russian people. So, by eating 200-300 grams of this fish per day at least three times a week, you will completely replenish the deficiency of DHA and EPA, forget about fatigue and depressed mood. Replace meat dishes with fish side dishes more often, and you will immediately notice improvements in the condition of your body. But you should not actively lean on marine varieties of fish, this will lead to the accumulation of mercury in the body in the future and adversely affect overall health.

It is worth remembering that during thermal exposure and smoking, useful substances, omega-3s are no exception, are safely destroyed. All foods should be consumed correctly in limited quantities and as fresh as possible — this is the main principle of a balanced diet.

A large amount of docosahexaenoic acid is found in seaweed oil. Shrimps, chicken eggs, meat and vegetable oil also contain a lot of fatty acids. In addition, eating fresh plant-based foods such as legumes, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, broccoli, and squash can also help replenish omega-3 deficiency in humans. A pessimistic forecast about the elimination of omega-3 deficiency in vegetarians, because plant products still do not contain the proper proportion of useful substances. Without the inclusion of fish oil and fish in the daily diet, the body will experience a lack of beneficial acids.

Thus, we can conclude that the beneficial types of DHA and EPA are found mainly in fish, while ALA, which is part of flaxseed oil, does not provide much health benefits. Also remember that for those who consume the required amount of fish oil, it is important to still eat flaxseed oil, as it contains other beneficial substances.


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