Do not confuse a trimmer with a lawn mower and vice versa. These are different tools designed for the same task — mowing too long grass on the site. At the same time, the conditions for using a trimmer and a lawn mower are different, and we will analyze this issue in more detail in this article.

What is a lawnmower?

A rather large equipment on wheels, resembling a cart and often equipped with a grass collector, is a lawn mower. Her knife resembles a screw and has two blades. In some ways, a lawn mower is similar to a vacuum cleaner, as it also sucks in freshly cut grass, which accumulates in a special tank — a grass collector.

What is a trimmer?

The trimmer is a fairly compact analogue of a lawn mower. It is placed on the shoulders with a belt system or simply held in the hands. It can be compared to a rod, at one end of which the engine is fixed, and at the other — a block with knives for cutting.

The difference between a lawn mower and a trimmer

So, the function of a lawn mower and a trimmer is the same — to cut long grass. But working with them is carried out in different ways. For example, due to the peculiarities of its structure and mobility, a trimmer is well suited for hard-to-reach areas. For example, it is convenient for them to mow the grass around curbs, flower beds and other small objects where it is difficult to bring a lawn mower. At the same time, it is much more difficult to make an ideal lawn with a trimmer. If the area is flat, does not have obvious bulges or depressions, and you want to make the lawn flawless, it is better to opt for a lawn mower. This is especially true for large areas where the trimmer will take too long, and the grass may not be cut too smoothly. In terms of ease of use, the lawn mower is more likely to lead. Despite the heavy weight and bulkiness, it is convenient due to the ability to simply push it forward. There are also self-propelled models that are enough to guide. This reduces the burden on the operator and makes work easier. With a trimmer, things are different. As mentioned above, it must be held either in the hands or on the shoulders, which puts a serious strain on the entire body. This is especially noticeable for those who have problems with their back, arms, neck. Of course, the trimmer is unlikely to weigh as much as the average lawn mower, but this load is also worth considering. Separately, it is worth talking about consumables. For a lawn mower, it is enough to purchase replacement blades and knives on time; there are no other consumables for adjusting the length of the lawn. As for the trimmer, you can additionally buy all kinds of fishing lines, knives, and cutters for it. This allows you to set up the trimmer and mow the grass in different ways. Lawn mowers are often equipped with a grass collector. This is a small tank or container fixed in the tool itself. It is quite simple to clean it from the grass in a timely manner. That’s why a lawn mower can be compared to a vacuum cleaner. In contrast, a trimmer does not have any additional parts and tanks for storing mowed vegetation. It has to be collected after mowing, which prolongs the work itself and brings additional inconvenience. Not everyone is ready to walk around the site and collect the remains of grass. This is another reason to buy a lawn mower when it comes to large areas. Yes, the trimmer is more compact, easier to store, as it is smaller in size, and it works much quieter than a lawn mower. In addition, it also has a lower cost. However, you need to buy it wisely. It is difficult to say which option — a lawn mower or a trimmer — is better. It is worth relying on a specific site and wishes. If the budget allows, you can purchase both tools — there will be even more opportunities.


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