Sometimes you want to change your image, change the color of your hair or add zest to it. It’s good that you can do without cardinal changes using a tinted shampoo or balm, as well as a tinting mask. To deepen an existing color, change it by a couple of tones, or get a radically new one — what can these tools do?

Tint balms and tinted masks.

Tint balms have a gentle composition, so they affect the hair very gently. Active ingredients do not penetrate deep into the hair cuticle, thereby reducing the risk of damage to the structure. After using the balm, brittleness and dull color disappear, curls become well-groomed, shiny and smooth. Balms do not contain alcohol, which dries hair and scalp. For those who love experiments, note that with the help of tinting balm you can create original, bold images without harming your hair. You can return the original color in a few weeks. In addition, dyed hair does not require special care — balms intensively moisturize, restore, give elasticity and leave behind a pleasant aroma. Even a beginner can easily cope with such coloring at home, without the help of a professional. Coloring pigments remain in the surface layer of the cuticle. This provides a temporary effect: it is enough to wash your hair several times so that the color is washed off almost completely. If you want to prolong the effect, just use the product more often — about once every 10 days.

Estel Love Ton tinted hair balm is a high-quality product that allows you to refresh your hair, give it shine for the event and surprise others, and return to your usual look a week later. The tool provides gentle hair care. In its ammonia-free composition, there is no hydrogen peroxide. The drug affects only the top layer and is gradually washed off. The balm easily provides uniform application, conditions, makes hair lively, soft and shiny. It should be noted that Estel «Love Ton» is one of the most popular products on the hair cosmetics market. It meets all international quality standards.

YATON tinted hair mask: maintains, refreshes and corrects color between colorings. Adds color saturation and shine to hair. Restores and strengthens hair. For natural hair — gives hair brightness and unique depth. Restores and strengthens hair. Application: use gloves. Apply to clean, damp hair, comb through the hair with a comb for even distribution. YATON tinting hair mask — these are two effects in one product:

  • Color update: bright or delicate shade of your choice.
  • Intensive care: the mask deeply moisturizes, nourishes and restores the hair structure. Exposure time — 3-10 minutes depending on the desired degree of color intensity. After the exposure time, rinse with warm water without using shampoo.

Tint shampoo.

The composition of the tinted shampoo may include ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. To slightly reduce the harm that it does to hair, manufacturers enrich it with vitamins, proteins, softening and moisturizing ingredients. Typically, these shampoos are used to tone gray and lightened strands with yellowness. To neutralize the yellow notes, shampoos with a violet-blue pigment are used — it gives a beautiful metallic sheen. With dark colors it is more difficult: if you have pale skin, it is better to focus on warm tones that are close to natural. Brown-haired women and brunettes practically do not notice color changes after dyeing — the shampoo simply gives the hair a deeper shade, creates interesting highlights.

Shampoo IRIDA Mclassic does not contain ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Tinted Shampoo protects hair from blow-drying and ensures long-lasting color retention. The shampoo evenly colors the hair from the roots to the tips of the hair, perfectly paints over gray hair, thanks to its ease of use, it is ideal for home hair coloring. Shampoo IRIDA contains the KERATIN CARE complex, after dyeing, the hair acquires a luxurious and lasting color, seductive shine, well-groomed appearance and healthy radiance.

What to choose — tint balm or shampoo?

The advantage of shampoo is that it performs two tasks at once: it washes hair and gives it a beautiful color. Balms last longer: for an intense result, they are applied for a certain time, after which they are washed off with shampoo. If your task is to renew and enhance the color, then both products will do just fine. The soul asks for experiments — it is better to give preference to balm. The shampoo works a little softer, and the resulting shade looks more natural. However, the balm contains the maximum amount of useful elements to restore the structure, and most of these products also provide protection from sunlight.


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