When we want to drink a cold drink, such as whiskey, cognac or bourbon, we are faced with a choice: add ice to it, or use cooling stones or metal cubes. Ice will certainly cool the drink, but at the same time dilute it.

Fortunately, the industry is moving forward and suggesting how to deal with this problem.

One of the most popular and elegant ways is to use stones or metal whiskey cubes.

They conquered many people and became the same irreplaceable companion of drinks as lemon to tequila.

Drink cooling stones have several important advantages:

  • Perhaps most importantly, they do not dilute the drink, unlike ice.
  • Stones are able to maintain a given temperature for a long time;
  • Cooling stones and cubes are absolutely safe for health;
  • Odorless, do not color the drink. This is important because the taste of your whiskey or any other drink will not change.

The principle of operation of whiskey stones is so simple that you do not have to study a huge manual describing the rules of operation. All you need to do is put the stones in the freezer and leave them there for an hour. During this time, they will cool enough for your glass of whiskey or any other drink that will amaze you with its fullness of taste and rich aroma.

Why whiskey stones should fill up your home bar?

First of all, you need to pay attention to one thing — ice, of course, cools the drink faster than stones. However, you cannot control the refrigeration temperature, which can affect the taste of the drink.

Again, do not forget that the ice will gradually turn into water, which will dilute your drink, which is not necessary, since bottled whiskey is already diluted by the manufacturer to the desired strength.

Thus, ice spoils the drink and prevents you from enjoying the real taste.

When creating our collections, we made sure that you can enjoy the original taste of the drink through the use of stones or cubes for cooling.

We are also sure that you will experience the real pleasure, holding an elegant glass from Whiskoff filled with any of your favorite drinks.

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