White is one of the three achromatic colors, that is, a color that has one characteristic — lightness, that is, it does not have saturation and color background and differs from other achromats — black and all shades of gray only according to the lighter-darker principle.

On the one hand, white is associated with purity and perfection, on the other hand, with coldness and aloofness. The energy of white color is perfect, harmonious, pure. Psychologists believe that people who prefer white are often extraordinary and have the talent to inspire others.

It is interesting that white objects, things, visually seem to us lighter than black (dark) ones of equal weight. And clothes made of white fabric always look more expensive and often give the face a pleasant tone, freshness. White color is relevant in the collections of any season, whether it be winter or summer, although there is still an opinion that white is a «summer» color. But let’s imagine how relevant and impressive a white lounge suit looks, for example, on a winter walk, in the mountains, etc.

A white T-shirt or a white basic shirt has long been a must have for all modern girls, these things are simply indispensable for any occasion: from everyday to the most solemn. Be sure to take a closer look at the white color in the assortment of the Russian women’s clothing brand IRSEN — T-shirts, shirts, suits, etc. High quality tailoring combined with snow-white color will make your image spectacular and unforgettable.


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